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sleeve surgery sick after surgery

on 7/6/11 5:48 pm

did you guys get really sick to your stomache with dry heaves after surgery? someone told me this happend to them  and Im wondering how commen it is. It was just for ta few days after surgery but was brutal and hurt alot.

on 7/6/11 5:53 pm - Laurel, MD
VSG on 06/01/11 with
I did not have that problem.  They gave me anti nausea meds right away in my iv,  never had any problem.

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on 7/6/11 5:58 pm
I had the scope patch and two antinausea IV meds and still was very ill the first 30 hours. They think it was the pain pump. I was not allowed home until I was over it though.
Jessica Houston
on 7/6/11 8:18 pm - Wichita, KS
On July 6, 2011 at 5:58 PM Pacific Time, Could_It_Be wrote:
I had the scope patch and two antinausea IV meds and still was very ill the first 30 hours. They think it was the pain pump. I was not allowed home until I was over it though.
I was kinda the same way... Nauseated while the pain pump was running Morphine, which also happened to make me itch severely, so it was changed to Dilaudid after the first 4 or 5 hours.  Once it was changed I did not have any more nausea or severe itching!  I had the scopolomine patch and about 4 other anti-nausea meds on board before surgery so if you are prone to nausea, ASK!!!!  

After being dismissed from the hospital, the only time I have felt nausated or thrown up was when I took my multivitamin on an empty stomach!!! Only stayed down about 30 seconds!!! And boy was that PAINFUL!!!
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on 7/6/11 5:59 pm - Cypress, CA
 Oh those dry heaves!!!  The day of my surgery, as I was moved into my room and onto that new bed, I had the worst of them.  Then I found that even though they were giving me the anti-nausea meds in my IV, every time I hit the button for a shot of pain meds, I'd get the dry heaves again!  Small price to pay for the pain only lasted about 12 hours in the hospital and I was fine when I went home the next day.  No stomach ache, except the tenderness with my incisions and a little gas pain.
Hope everything settles down for you!
Happy Girl
on 7/6/11 6:17 pm - CA
My anesthesiologist said before surgery that he makes sure to give what he needs to during surgery so that I would be comfortable after surgery and I was. I also went home with a prescription for metoclopromide which I have used a few times. Takes time to get the hang of what the sleeve can handle.
That sounds awful!
diane S.
on 7/6/11 7:15 pm
no, but i told the anesthesiologist i was an easy puker and everything makes me nausteated and to give me everything he had to prevent that. Guess he did because i had about 5 minutes of feeling queasy but a shot of something fixed that.

All you pre-ops, don't be afraid to tell the anesthesiologist if you tend toward nausea. there is lots they can do about it but not if they don't know your issue. I also told them to please be gentle in tubing my throat. Just lets them know you are aware you can get a sore throat if they are beat it up with their tubes and maybe makes them a bit more careful. I also told mine the best place to put the IV in since i have had some before that didn't work. I guess I sound bossy but the doc can't know these things if you don't speak up. Diane

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on 7/6/11 7:21 pm - LA
VSG on 06/23/11 with
yeah i extreame nausea the first 18 hours after surgery, the nausea got better after dry heaving but was still bad, the meds didn't help much, had to stay 2 days in because the first day i couldn't get much fluids in on my own, but was able to walk around which helped some till i layed back down.. just depends on the person i guess..
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on 7/6/11 7:44 pm
 I had extreme nausea immediately after coming out of anaesthesia, and had a few brief moments for the first two days. But I never once dry heaved or retched. I demanded plenty of anti-nausea meds though, and they did give them to me.

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on 7/6/11 7:48 pm
I had no nausea after surgery.

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on 7/6/11 7:50 pm
I'm with the gang that gets nauseaous at the drop of a hat, so I, too, believe in letting the drs know everything there is about you before you get to the O.R. Anti-nausea meds are great, and so is the patch...but make sure they give you some of that good stuff to take home, for when I got home and drank my liquid courage, as I call it, the oxycodone, here comes the nausea. So after a few days, I weaned myself off it. 9 days out and no pain meds - its smarts some especially on my right side closest to my belly button, but that's to be expected I hear. Word of caution though - if you know you're gonna sneeze, for God's sake grab a pillow---OMG that's the worst feeling - like I was going to rip something loose!

Also, I had hiccups really bad the first day or two in the hospital - but gradually they went away. Was sore from all the hiccuping I was doing tho.

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on 7/6/11 7:57 pm
 I had some nausea the night after surgery. The only time I actually vomited though was when a nurse gave me nausea meds by mouth instead of in my IV.
on 7/6/11 8:02 pm
While in the hospital, I had a spell for about 30 seconds of nausea and none since.  I have not vomited at all since surgery either.  I do tend to get sick from the anesthesia, so I asked the doctor to hook me up with some good anti nausea meds. 

on 7/6/11 8:42 pm
VSG on 06/10/11 with
YES! I had four nausea Rx and none helped. I was extremely sick and nautious for about ten days.  Now, I only get nautious if I have sugar. (tried to drink lemonade...felt horrible afterwards, even though I diluted it with 75% water)  And, I'm apparently an odd case b/c the dr couldn't figure out why I was so sick.
on 7/6/11 9:39 pm
VSG on 01/10/11 with
I only had one episode of dry heaves and that was the second night after surgery for about 10 minutes.  Other than that I never had any further issues.
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on 7/7/11 4:34 am
Thank you to all of you. I hope you know how important you guys are to someone like me with a million questions. You guys are priceless.