how much should i weigh?

on 8/9/11 6:50 am - Pawleys Island, SC
i was told i should weigh around 160. but i want to weigh 130. is this unrealistic? i'm 23, 5'6 and "large boned". how much should i weigh?
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on 8/9/11 6:57 am - Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis
IMHO....kind of think you should see where you are when you get closer to goal..Your body will go where it wants.. I'm 5'6 also and larger framed..I set my goal for 160 but have exceeded it a bit...

My lean body mass is 120lbs, so I could never be 130lbs and be healthy..

We all have different frames, different lean body masses (the weght of your muscle, skeleton, skin, and bones), and there is no real set prediction on how low you can go. Its a very individual thing..

My advice would be to see where you are when you get nearer to goal weight, have your lean body mass measured at that time, and see where you can go from there.

Try and enjoy the losing process instead of just focusing on the end goal.


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on 8/9/11 6:58 am - Newnan, GA
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Hey girlie,

First I would ask you what is significant about the number 130.

And second, I would say, I have been told I was big boned all my life, but - well, after losing weight, I see that just wasnt so. 

What is or isnt realisitc is going to depend on so many things, like your bone density (folks who have been larger for longer have denser bones, so they weigh more than someone who hasnt been heavy for as long), how much muscle mass you have. Stuff like that.

Another thing too is, if you get to 150 and the extra skin is freaking you out and you arent in a position for PS, then getting thinner is only going to make that worse.

I would say, just as a guideline, shoot for 130, but see how you feel/how you look, do you like it, when you get there. 

I aimed initially for 133 cuz it was the middle of a normal BMI, but after loss, and weight lifting to fill up my extra skin, my skin and bones and muscle ALONE weigh 130, so you see, there is *no way* I could get to 130 and STAY there, I wouldnt even have enough fat on me for my basic functions.

So, long story short :}

Its hard to know what "realistic" is going to look like after you lose weight.  You may lose a lot of muscle mass and it may be possible, or maybe not.  But you really *do* want to keep and build muscle mass, it certainly helps you as you age, for your bones, your posture, your health, and possibly gluttonishly enough, so you dont *have* to live on 800 calories a day for the rest of your life!  (Exaggerating, but you see my point).

I say just shoot for it, and then you can *always* tweak when you see what you look like/feel like *realistically* when you get there! 
on 8/9/11 7:34 am - Houston, TX
I'm 5'6 and always thought I was big boned. My current weight is 155 (I'm actually 1 lb away from a "normal" weight on the bmi chart) and I'm wearing a size 6 skirt today.

I initially had a goal of being 135. 20 more lbs would be too much for me. I'm shooting for 10 more lbs and I will see how I feel when I get there.
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