3.5 weeks post op- food getting stuck in esophagus?

on 9/22/11 11:21 pm
I had my surgery 8/29/11.  I'm having a problem with food getting stuck in my esophagus and then I throw up.  It is not that I am eating too much.  After about 1 oz, no additional foods will go down.. and within 15-30 mins I throw up.  I never had a problem w food getting stuck prior to my surgery.  This does not happen to me with liquids or yogurts/soups, etc.

My Dr told me this happens to some people and that I could stick with all liquids until the 5 week mark if I wanted. 

Has anyone else had this problem?? Please help!
on 9/23/11 12:05 am
Only one week post op so really can't say I can relate yet. Is it moist foods that you are eating? I have read that the pureed food must be moist as well. I also think I read somewheres that you might be able to tolerate a few bites at first and you should still rely on your protein drinks to get protein in. I guess this is your learning stage of pureed food and I will be interested in watching this post to see what others say and suggest so I will know when I get there.
Michelle F.
on 9/23/11 12:19 am
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What are you eating?  At 3.5  weeks post op I wasn't eating solid foods yet, I was only having liquids.  I didn't start on mushy foods until one month out so my stomach and esophagus would heal.  I wasn't able to eat more than 1 oz of solid food until I was at least 4 months out.

If you're throwing up, you shouldn't be eating any solid food, stick with protein shakes, soup and yogurt so you don't damage your sleeve and esophagus.
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Ms. Poker Face
on 9/23/11 12:22 am
At 3.5 weeks out, I had minor struggles with food feeling like it got stuck.  Only for 1 or 2 seconds and then it entered the stomach and I was fine.  Not vomiting.  It got better probably due to swelling going down.

I think the question about what you are eating now is a good one.  At 3.5 weeks out, I was on pureed foods.  It had to put in a blender with enough liquids to make it the consistency of applesauce and slide off a spoon. 

What type and consistency of food did you eat that got stuck?


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on 9/23/11 12:34 am
yes i had same problem,im 4weeks out and just hd my second dialation of my esophagus had one at two weeks out because i could not get anything but clear liquids down then a second because then i could get full liquids down but not soups or yogurts any thing thicker then milk got stuck.
so you do want to express those concerns to your doctor so they can give u a upper gi screen.
you say u not eatting foods same with me .yeah stick to liquids for 5 weeks or get a EGD done and have dialation all of 1 hr theres a difference same day.
on 9/23/11 4:28 am
I am now at the stage where I can eat anything.  My Dr said that their program advanves their diet much quicker than a lot of other programs.  That is why he said I could go at my own pace.  Things that have gotten stuck are PB, chicken, and eggs.  Are the dialations painful?  Why did you need to do this?  What did the dr say your problem was?
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on 9/23/11 5:33 am
Not sure what everyone else is saying but FOOD at 3 1/2 weeks i could not do.

I was on liquids (see through) for 1 week, then liquids thick (like yogurt, cream soups with no chunks or strained, etc for 2 weeks.

Then mushies for 2 weeks. So that's 5 weeks with no actual food.

I admit, the 5th week I cheated. I started introcuding some easy to chew things and I just chewed them like heck, pulverized them to a mushie consistency.

I'm now 2 1/2 months post and I STILL chew my food to a mushie consistency.

Your swelling it still a lot right now. Your stomach knows actual food can't get in so it's sending it back to you. I would stick to mushies another week or two, and anything you add like cheese or soft fruits, etc, chew them like MAD.

I think your Dr. is pretty optimistic thinking his patients can eat real food at 3 weeks!! Not so sure I agree. Heck my surgeon is still telling me to take chewable vitamins and avoid hard to digest foods.
on 9/23/11 5:42 am - TX
My educated guess is that you're still swollen and you advanced you food too quickly.  And, whether you realize it or not, you're not chewing well enough, eating slowly enough, and eating too much.  Slow it down and go back a stage for another week or 2.  Then, if you're still having problems, have your doc go down and take a peek.