Don't want to eat, I'm scared...

on 10/26/11 5:32 pm - Windsor, Canada
I am 5 weeks out today from being sleeved.
My first 2 wees were hell. I couldn't eat or drink, nothing would stay down and I would vomit bile for 5-6 hours at a time.  Ended up in ER 5 times in 2 weeks.  No doctor would listen to me when I said I had severe acid reflux and gastritis, until I finally threatened a lawsuit on the surgeon.  Finally got my vomitting under control and started to eat very little amounts of food.  Recently, I find that if I eat more than 1-2 Tbsp of food it comes back up.  I have no issues getting my water in, I can drink 3 glasses in an hour and it stays.  But food just does not want to.
Yesterday I spent 12 hours in the ER on pain meds and fluids for a kidney stone and kidney infection.  They showed concern over my gall bladder too, asking why the surgeon did not remove it during surgery.  I had no answer, because I had requested that the gallbladder be removed.  Now I have yet another specialist that I need to see to get a biopsy on my kidney.
I barely ate anything today, because I am afraid it won't stay down.
What can I do?  My clinical doctor says I am losing weight way too fast for the sleeve.  at my last weigh in I was down 42 lbs in 3.5 weeks.  That is wil minimal walking, as I am exhausted all the time, and have to walk in areas with places for me to sit.
I'm getting very frustrated, and concerned for my health, but again, it doesn't seem like the medical system is going to help me.  What am I to do?
on 10/26/11 10:36 pm
The only thing I can suggest is work on getting something in all day. Tiny sips of protein drink, water, tiny bites of food ALL DAY.  Sorry for your situation, I hope you get some help soon!
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on 10/26/11 10:54 pm - CT
Try to drink sips of protien drink all day.

The swelling will go down.
My swelling was above average and longer term than most but eventually it did go down.
When it did, I could eat more comfortably.

Get the kidney issue looked into and the gall bladder checked.

Stay with the acid reflux meds they can be your best friend on most days.

It will get better.

Take it one day at a time.

You will feel great once you heal and can enjoy the weightloss.

Good luck.
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on 10/27/11 1:10 am - Decatur, GA
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You must get some nourishment in yourself!  Since you can keep water down, try substituting some fat-free organic chicken broth for some of your water, and just sip it very VERY slowly.  Try a little sugar-free jello, teeny tiny bites.  If you can keep a little of the clear liquids down, try teeny tiny sips of a protein shake.  And when I say teeny tiny, I mean less than a teaspoon about every 30 seconds.  Or try small sips of skim milk if you aren't lactose intolerant. 

Please try some of these suggestions, because you must get some protein in yourself to heal.  And with a rotten gall bladder, fat free will keep you from having attacks. 

I'm so sorry you are having such a tough time.  Please take good care of yourself.

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on 10/27/11 1:20 am - TX
Bile coming up is most likely gallbladder.  Don't know why your doc didn't take it out, but it's likely gonna have to come out now.  Sorry about the kidney stones.  I've never had one - descriptions of the pain is enough for me!

Stick with liquid protein for now - powder, shakes, milk, whatever you can tolerate.  If you can stay hydrated and get SOME protein in, you're okay.  Eat enough to keep your mouth and mind happy.  Hope you feel better, and get your docs working for you, real soon.
on 10/27/11 1:23 am
Since you are unable to eat, I would stick with protein drinks for now, and water to prevent dehdration. Sip as much as you can.

About your inability to eat more than a bite or two, I wonder if you have a stricture.  While it is not terribly common, there have been a number of people with them on this site.  I think they need to do an upper GI xray to determine.....Mabe that is a question for your surgeon?

Good luck.

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