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How much did you lose the first month?

on 2/23/12 2:18 pm
I am a few weeks away from surgery and I am curious how much weight you lost your first month after surgery.
on 2/23/12 2:21 pm - OK
VSG on 01/17/12
 20 lbs =) i've seen some lose much more than i did!
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on 2/23/12 2:42 pm
I lost 18 pounds the 1st month. I was hoping it would have been more but I lost 19 pounds the 2 months before my surgery. I started my 3 week stall after week 3. But remember, everyone is different & we all lose at different rates. Any weight loss you have will be great. Good luck!
on 2/23/12 2:53 pm
Thanks!  I have a wedding to go to in June and I was "dreaming" of what my size might be.  :o)
on 2/23/12 3:02 pm
30.something but it has slowed down a lot since then. I lost 9.4 before and 16.something the 2nd month and absolutely nothing the 3rd month so far. That first month was my favorite :) 

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on 2/23/12 3:23 pm - AL
I am 24 days out and have lost 55lbs.  20 of that was preop diet, 35lbs is since surgery.  I also started out at a high weight.  I think you lose about 10% the first month. the (almost) daily journey after VSG

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on 2/23/12 4:21 pm
I lost just about, but not quite 10% of my total body weight the first month. I weighed 243 on surgery day and lost 23.something the first month out. I had already lost 23 during my pre op dieting, so I was totally happy with that number.

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on 2/23/12 4:26 pm - LA
My NUT told me to take each food stage and extend it a few days to really help jump start the weight loss. I lost 14 lbs pre op and was sleeved on 2/17 and lost another 11 lbs. Stay focused and walk a lot!!
on 2/23/12 4:27 pm - OH
VSG on 01/23/12 with
I am 54 years old - 5 ft. 8 in - starting weight on surgery day was 305 and today is my one month surgiversary. I have lost 26 lbs this past month.  I hit an early stall - starting at day 8 (thought I was going to lose my mind!) and didn't lose anything for close to 2 weeks but it picked back up in the 4th week. Best of luck to you. .
on 2/23/12 4:54 pm - PA
VSG on 01/05/12
  I lost 25lbs the first month, 10pre-op & 15lbs post-op.  So far in my 2nd month I've lost 12, I am in my
7th week.
on 2/23/12 4:51 pm - PA
VSG on 01/19/12
 I lost 10 pounds the week before on liquids, fifteen pounds the two weeks following surgery, then hit a 2 week stall. Now down another 3. Total is 27 pounds in 5 weeks, about 10% of my weight. I also like to imagine my sizes.....

Good Luck, 

on 2/23/12 5:00 pm, edited 2/23/12 5:01 pm
VSG on 07/22/11 with
25 pounds the first month. That was including a stall at day 8 that lasted 2 weeks.


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on 2/23/12 6:07 pm
Thanks for all your responses.
Mike B.
on 2/23/12 6:26 pm
I lost 39lbs the first month out, but slowed way down to 19 the second month.

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on 2/23/12 6:48 pm
VSG on 01/25/12

Everybody's different and results will vary.  Your BMI, starting weight, age, gender, etc. factor into the speed and consistency of your weight loss.

I lost 20 pounds on the two week pre-op liquids.  THey came back but just in water and swelling right after surgery.  A week post-op, the 20 pounds were gone again and I've since lost an additional 26 pounds.  (4 weeks post-op yesteday.)

Good luck!
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Lace H.
on 2/23/12 11:19 pm - Kapolei, HI
VSG on 01/11/12
I'm frustrated.  I'm 6 weeks post op and have only lost 20 lbs total.  10 lbs before surgery and 10 lbs post op.  So annoyed.
on 2/23/12 7:52 pm - Canada
VSG on 01/16/12 with
 I lost 20lbs and 9lbs on my one week pre-op diet.

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on 2/24/12 3:37 am
 I lost about 26 pounts pre op, 21 pounds during month 1, and 16 pounds for month two.  

Just want to throw out there that I have a serious cycle that my body seems to follow.  No weight loss the week before my TOM and 3-5 pounds toward the end of the week of TOM.  Pay attention to whatever cycle you may have- it will help you to not be frustrated during the slow "periods".  

I think initially I was feeling a little disappointed and it took me a bit of time to wrap my brain around my weight loss not being as significant as others.  I saw other sleevers who were right about my time lose over 30 and nearly 40 pounds that first month.  I now recognize that my loss is just fine and to not get caught up in other people's stats.  I want everyone to do well and I think we all have our own pace.  

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on 2/24/12 4:23 am - KY
I lost 40 lbs 3 months pre op.  I lost 22 lbs the first month.  I just had my 2nd month sleeversery and I have lost 14 lbs.  I have had a stall this past week, but I got on the scale today and I was down 1.7lbs.  2 lbs til I'm out of the 280s!  I'm planning a trip in May where I will have to get on a airplane.  I just pray I keep losing at this rate so I will feel comfortable sitting in the seat and  someone next to me won't mind sitting by the "fat" girl.  I've had a lot of NSV lately like fitting into a Catherine's 1X and fastening the seat belt in my friends Buick Regal.  I keep buying new clothes tho.  What a waste!!  But I get so excited when I get to buy a smaller size.  I just have no luck in thrift stores, or I am just spoiled...probably the latter.  lol

Congratulations to everyone on their weight loss!    
on 2/24/12 5:58 am
VSG on 09/06/11 with

I lost 33.6 pounds my first month.  Not bad for a "light weight"...not to mention old lady (will be 52 in a few months).


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