Another compulsive overeating moment

on 3/25/12 11:28 pm - VA
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I hope you guys don't mind me blogging this stuff hear.  It helps me to identify and admit my moments.  And I feel like some of you guys will totally understand what I'm experiencing.

This one isn't related to me eating, but it's definite evidence of the way the compulsiveness takes over my brain.

I was watching a TV show and someone entered carrying a cake in a bakery box.  I lost all track of the plot and didn't hear another word of dialogue b/c I was thinking about the cake, what it looked like, when they'd eat it, etc.  My husband made a comment about the show and I snapped out of it and realized that I had completely zoned out at the sight of a damn bakery box. 

I'm just going to keep working on my brain.  Filling it with good thoughts, healthy ideas, etc. 
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I thought I was the only one who could do that, lol. I did the same thing but mine was a pizza box. I could actually invision me enjoying each slice slowly. Boy my mouth was watering and I wasn't even close to it. My neighbors had ordered it, lol.
on 3/26/12 12:51 am - CA
That's hilarious! So can relate to that, many many times. As long as the thoughts are in our head and we don't act on it I suppose!
on 3/31/12 12:23 pm - OH
I am sooooo glad to see there are compulsive overeaters here!!  I am one and need the support.
on 3/31/12 2:24 pm
I totally relate to this!  Another one, all my life it has bugged me that people in scenes at restaurants don't eat the damn food!  They're talking fer cryin out loud.  WTF???    :-) 

A friend who's in AA once told me it bugged her that the actors don't drink their drinks when the scene is in a bar - the glass sits in front of them most of the time during the scene, or they'll take one sip and then get on with the dialog.  Her thinking, same as mine about food, is what's up with that??? 

Amazing what we focus on.....

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