Snarky folks I need you - with pics

on 4/9/12 12:42 am - CO

First let me say that I completely respect nice people - but I don't listen to them. I don't want cheerleaders. I want the ******es and the a**holes to come give me a good verbal beating. I want to hate you and love you at the same time for speaking the truth. That's what works for me. Nice folks feel free to post too -  I'll try to "open my ears" as I tell my kids.

Here it goes.

1. Protein Bars - I'm addicted. I'm a slow loser and HATE that I can't have a single "treat", but I can't. I am almost out of the protein bars and I really want to go buy more, but they just aren't helping me lose weight. Damnit. It's decision time. Keep the protein bars and try to control the amount I have per day *laughs to self* or let them go and possibly cry a little - maybe curl up into a ball for awhile. They are my crack. My Precious!!!

2. I've been playing head games with myself about the 6 month post surgery mark that's quickly approaching. I think as a slow loser the whole "romance period" really messes with my head. I've sort of convinced myself that I won't lose after 6 months. I have allowed it to let me sabotage my own weightloss. I've literally been waiting for the hunger to come back (it hasn't) and I've made choices lately that I KNOW are because I'm setting myself up for failure just because I didn't reach my goal in 6 months. I would love to hear from anyone who reached to goal after 6 months, better yet after a year - because at the rate I'm losing , it will be over a year to get to goal. Am I right or wrong for thinking I'll fail after 6 months?

Bring it!

Day of Surgery

5 Months Out

Hair Donation

VSG 10/18/11      If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one.-Dolly Parton



on 4/9/12 12:49 am - CO
Oh, and don't freak out about the hair. I'd been planning to donate it before surgery.

VSG 10/18/11      If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one.-Dolly Parton



on 4/9/12 5:38 am - los angeles, CA
I already danced the dance of the protein bars with you.  Cut them down, then cut them out.  I did the same mind **** at 6 months and started to slip but then i bucked up better in fact because of fear and the number of old posts i read about folks losing 40-50lbs and then stopping.  my weight loss has been better since month 6.  it's been a struggle but what the hell isn't.  Now get your ass in gear i don't have time to kick yours as well as my own.  Snarky enough?)
on 4/9/12 6:01 am - CO

LOL that's snarky enough, although I think you dialed it down a bit.  Yeah, our conversation is what sparked this thread.

I just need the 6 mo date to get past. It's not helping that my man-child turns 14 next Monday.

Numbers are freaking me out this week.

VSG 10/18/11      If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one.-Dolly Parton



on 4/9/12 12:58 am
VSG on 03/07/12 with
 Wow, that's a lot of hair 

But I am nice and i think you look wonderful! (I was never a cheerleader though LOL) 

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on 4/9/12 1:06 am - CO
Thanks Amber. I was never a cheerleader either.

VSG 10/18/11      If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one.-Dolly Parton



on 4/9/12 1:07 am, edited 4/9/12 1:07 am
Ha! The whole time I was losing I was scared ****less it'd stop any minute and that would be it.. worse when I started only losing maybe 7-10days out of a month..Heck, I didn't totally believe I'd make it to goal to begin with.. that's a weight I last saw over 15 years ago. I didn't reach any of the % 3mo/6mo etc. "goals".. WTF are goals anyway?? It's not like we can return this thing, it's kinda with us till we die.. so you got till then I guess to make it work for you..

I just hit my arbitrary goal today, and you know what.. meh. It's cool, I'm happy.. I realize I need to take pics.. but it wasn't a happy-happy-joy-joy moment for me.. just another day, another number.. I don't get the rush mentality. So what if it gets harder, so what if hunger comes back- if it does it does, the fight is to stay at a healthy weight for the rest of our lives- right? We are going to have to deal with those things eventually, but we can still lose with them happening- right?

What protein bars are da crack for you? Just wondering? I have some in the house, for emergency use only (aka PMS chocolate attack.) But.. get them out if you think they are damaging your efforts.. but are they really? Are you adding them on top of foods and upping the totals, or are they worked in to your macros for the day? Are they higher carb? Can you find a livable medium, tasty lower carb option that will let you enjoy what you enjoy and not slow you down?

To my eyes, you're doing great. I'm not you- but I don't see anything slow about the changes I see above in 6mo! Reality check- I think you are doing really good with everything but patience! I think if you think the protein bars are out, try getting them out and see if anything changes..

Edited to add: I just saw your ticker.. um, you are not a slow loser. 

on 4/9/12 1:29 am - CO
Thanks INgirl. I like your view on goals. LOL - definitely no return policy on my Sleeve!

I love *carresses" Oh Yeah! peanut butter and choc wafers and Protein Crunch peanut butter and choc wafers.

I'm a slow loser because I lose 1-2 lbs a week and my BMR is 1814 (yep, you read that right) I should be losing 3-4 a week, but I'm lucky to lose 1 lb. It was this way for me before surgery too. Doc says it's just the way I lose, my body is "very efficient at keeping the fat." Whatever.

VSG 10/18/11      If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one.-Dolly Parton



on 4/9/12 1:34 am
Now I understand the crack better- I have a stockpile of Oh Yeah Chocolate Mint (discontinued) and love the Peanut Butter Cup too.. they are my favs as well, and frankly- a great nut profile!

Throw that "should lose" out the window already. I lost about the same speed you are, and I never considered myself a slow loser. "Whatever" is the best attitude to have.. just do what you need to do, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain -errr, the scale, and keep going.. what's the alternative, really? 

on 4/9/12 2:17 am - CO

No alerneative. Just keep losing.

VSG 10/18/11      If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one.-Dolly Parton



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