1 week to go

on 4/9/12 1:29 am
Well guys I will be having my surgery next week. I am so nervous and happy all at the same time. I am so glad I found this website as it is such a great support system. Please keep me and my sister in your prayers guys as we are having our surgery done on the same day.


on 4/9/12 1:56 am
VSG on 06/07/12
Nice....im going thru this with my sister too!....good luck and sending prayers and good thoughts your way


on 4/9/12 2:42 am - PA
VSG on 02/09/12 with
Good luck...Im sure you will do fine!
Thanks for all the help!!
on 4/9/12 2:46 am
Im so glad u have your sister to go thru this weight loss journey....good luck!
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on 4/9/12 2:43 am
Wow!  That's awesome for you and your sister to experience this surgery at the same time. I wish my sister got on board with me last year when I went through the process, but everything happens for a reason. I pray that both of you ladies have a very successful surgery and a speedy recovery.  I know that you both will be fine and by Jesus stripes you both are already healed!  Be blessed and good luck!
on 4/9/12 2:50 am
Thanks everyone,

It is so good to have support from people who have or going to experience the same thing I am getting ready to go through. I will be emailing you guys from the hospital so please keep the encouragement coming.


on 4/9/12 5:58 am
VSG on 04/23/12
 Good Luck to the both of you! You will do great, I have 2 weeks to go!! 


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