I just dont know anymore

on 4/10/12 11:37 pm - TN
Im a week and two days out and I cant tell if I really feel bad or if im just depressed. I dont really miss food because I can honestly say I havent been hungry since the surgery. I have thrush in my mouth and this just in im pretty sure the wound where my tube is infected as well as one of my incisions. I know my past couple of posts I have been a whiny baby. I just feel like im never gonna be normal again. im really dissapointed in myself because I didnt know all this was going to be so hard. I have my first follow up appointment on Tuesday and im really hoping that I get my stitches and drain out. I keep telling myself that I will feel better after that but I just dont know. I just wanna feel well again. Ugh. I need some encouraging words right now.
on 4/10/12 11:40 pm
The first few weeks are hard. Your body is recovering from major surgery and the thrush doesn't help. I think a lot of folks go into this not realizing that there will be a recovery period.

The good news is that it will get better. Once your drain is out and you get the thrush cleared up, you'll start to feel better quickly. Your energy may take a little longer to come back but this passes. We see second guessing and disappointment a lot at your stage.

{{Hugs}} Just keep doing what you need to do every day. You'll turn the corner soon.

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on 4/11/12 12:16 am
VSG on 06/07/12
Hi hon..
I havent had my sleeve yet..but I have had 7 surgeries in the past couple of years so I can tell you that surgery really is traumatic to the body and it needs recovery time.

I am sorry that you feel so crappy right now...the best thing you can do for yourself is keep following the docs. rules...move a little and rest a lot. And keep yourself hydrated.

YOU CAN DO THIS...you are stronger than you think and there is a rainbow at the end if this storm...I promise.

I have included a link with some info. that you may find helpful...feel better soon!



on 4/11/12 12:17 am - NY
Sweetie I know EXACTLY what you are going thorugh!!!!!  I had my surgery 2/1/12 and just got back to work Monday!!!!!!
I was depressed and not hungry.  I moped and moped.  I didn't listen to the Dr. instructions and it made it worse.  I had kidney stones twice too!  I have been put under 3 times since surgery.
Now I have to have my gall bladder removed.
PLEASE take your time and at least make sure you are drinking!!!!!  That is why I got my stones.  I ended up having home IV hydration etc.
I also had infected incisions.  Please let the Dr. know.  I was put on Cipro and it cleared right up.
It does get better.  I can't even say I feel 100% right now but I am WAY better than a was a few weeks ago.  Staying home moping around the house DID NOT help!
I really don't think some Dr.s prepare you for what is ahead. 
This is by far the HARDEST thing I have EVER gone through.  I'm sure it is the same for you.
I really hit rock bottom last week.  I turned over a new leaf the next day and made sure to stay positive!!!!!!!   It does get better, trust me.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE e-mail me if you want to talk!!!!!!!
on 4/11/12 12:19 am - TN
 Yes, It will get better.  How we all heal is intensely personal ad varies widely.  Some people have no issues whatsoever, some people have really horrible complications.  Thankfull, quite few, but it does happen.

Keep your spirits up.  When these things are cleared up and you reach your 50% goal or more, none of this trouble right now will mean a thing to you.  Keep your eyes on the goal and a smile on your face!  Its worth it, I promise!

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