3 weeks out how much fat and carbs do i consume

cherry jam m
on 4/10/12 10:38 pm - Canada
I am confused as it doesnt indicate in my nutritional guide how much calories, fat carbs i should be having. I am also concerned my stomach has strecthed bc i am getting in alot at 3 weeks out. Some days i get in alot other days i cant get in so much. Yesterday i was hungry all day and eating all day. little quantities but more than before. Also i havent lost my hunger. I dont know if this surgery will work for me... starting to get discouraged.
on 4/11/12 12:37 am - East Aurora, NY
VSG on 01/10/12
it will work, it is a retraining of a lifestyle. Most people say in the losing stages stick to 600-800 calories, and limit carbs to 40gms. Keep protien to a minium of 60 gms and at least 64 ounces of h20. My hunger has rescently returned, and it is a struggle, Stay with protiens, I was told to stay away from the "whites" pasta, rice, potatoes, and breads of any kind. Retrain your self, it is hard as old habits die hard, I know. I am 48 years old and food never went to waste growing up.  So now it is in my mind to deal with these things.  

I was discouraged, had regrets early on, but now I am lovin it, getting good comments from friends and family, smaller cloths, more active, great energy.  You can do it. Friend me if you want , contact me anytime. If you want a cell number we can talk. I will help as much as I can. We can help each other. It is worth every struggle. 
Remember  it's bariactric surgery, not brain surgery! You need to get your head in the game!!!!                      
on 4/11/12 1:02 am
VSG on 03/28/12
 How long ago was your sugery? Would love to have your attitude later on in the game.
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on 4/11/12 1:34 am - East Aurora, NY
VSG on 01/10/12
surgery was 1/10/12 so I am 3 months out as of yesterday. Attitude is everything, but Mine also sucks at times. It hasnt been a free ride and I have regretted it early on, now I am still learning to improve with it.
Remember  it's bariactric surgery, not brain surgery! You need to get your head in the game!!!!                      
on 4/11/12 3:35 am - Sacramento, CA
Don't worry too much about fats at the moment, strive to keep carbs under 40 - eating carbs will help keep you hungry. 

Also, we need details when you post questions like this.  How much is "a lot" at 3 weeks out?  What are you eating on the days you get a lot in, what are you eating when you do not?   When was your surgery?

Be careful of eating all day - grazing is one of the ways you can cheat the surgery and actually gain weight.


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