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Tired of this diet and feeling like giving up...rant

on 4/11/12 7:23 am - Charlotte, NC

...but I probably won't.  I'm just tired of seeing the scale creep down, then up....then slowly down again by ounces...I'm almost at my 6 month mark and worried because I'm only down 66 pounds since of this morning I'm back up 2 pounds...and I don't understand.  I eat between 600-800 calories a day, I exercise at least 3-4 times a week.  I "cheat" very little, and when I do, I'm typically still staying in my calorie range.  I'm low carbing body constantly aches from exercise....and I'm not losing like I should be.  I don't know if it's due to my PCOS or what.  I've actually started avoiding this site, which I love, because I'm tired of see posts of people reaching goal in 6 months, 8 months...I'm not even at my halfway mark, which is where I wanted to be by 6 months.  I feel like I'm depriving myself for nothing.  And I can't even go out and eat a bacon cheeseburger or half a pizza to make me feel better...

I know that I would never have lost this weight without the surgery...and I know that this feeling will pass.  I just want to know what I am doing wrong that I'm not getting the same results I see in other people...It could be worse I guess, I could be losing my hair. Oh wait, I am.

Thanks...just needed to unload a little.


on 4/11/12 7:30 am - CA
VSG on 01/12/12 with
Hmm.....need more info to see if there really is a problem at all.  66 lbs in six months is pretty damn good actually....especially depending on your start wt.

So lets have it.

Start Wt

Current Wt

Goal Wt


What is your typical daily menu?  Be honest......not your best day....your nomal day.  What do you do for exercise?  How often?

on 4/11/12 8:09 am - Charlotte, NC

OK, you asked for it.

Start:  307
Current: 243 (up 2 lbs from yesterday, wth???)
Goal: Dream 150, Realistic 165-175
Height 5'2

Typical daily menu...I can't say what's typical...but check out my recent tracking. 04-08

Looking back at the last couple of weeks I have been over my cals on some days, but keep in mind that I'm not tracking all my exercise.  I find it hard to find the right descriptions on myfitnesspal. 

I do Zumba either at home or take a class once or twice a week, Been working with a trainer for 30 mins once a week the last 3 weeks mostly doing strength training, and I typically do cardio, treadmill or elliptical at least 1 - 2 times a week along with strength training exercises. 

The only thing I can think of is I need to start keeping my carbs below 40 everyday...and also improve water intake.  I do not track water, and I should start.



on 4/11/12 8:19 am - Charlotte, NC
oh, I'm jastrong78 on myfitnesspal

Kevin H.
on 4/11/12 7:32 am - Baltimore, MD
VSG on 02/06/12
 This is a change you made for life.  I know its disheartening but as long as you are loosing the weight and not gaining your heading the right way.  They say you loose most of your weight in the first 6 months to 1 year but that doesn't mean that it just has to stop.  Keep on keeping on ... you'll get there when your body is ready to get there.  It's not really a race and if it is .. its only because you have made it into one comparing yourself to other people.  I've had to deal with the same feelings you are having so I know how you feel.  I wonder if I'm ever going to get there myself sometimes when I see no loss on the scale for a while, but what can we do other then just keep on trying?

Best of luck to you!


on 4/11/12 7:36 am
VSG on 06/07/12
you know I havent had my surgery yet so all I can say is what has been posted...are you tracking EVERYTHING that goes into your mouth? are you getting in enuff protein? water?

remember the feeling you had when you created your user name...YOU ARE STRONGER not give up on are too important...take time to truly reflect on what you are doing and stay OR get back on track and the results you want will come. 66 lbs. really?! that aint nuttin to be mad at...

HANG IN THERE...give yourself a fighting chance


on 4/11/12 7:44 am - LA
I know that it is very frustrating at times but you will get there.  Like some of the others have said, 66lbs in 6 monts is fantastic.  If you keep it up, then after a year you will be over 120lbs down, that's not too shabby.  I agree, it gets annoying to see others that lose weight really fast but we are all different.  Try to lay off of the "cheating" as that might be slowing you down as well.  Make sure you are getting in all your liquids and protein as this is very important.  You are doing awesome, don't give up!
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on 4/11/12 8:17 am - Charlotte, NC
Thanks for the encouragement, and congrats on reaching your goal!!!! 

on 4/11/12 8:06 am - GA
VSG on 03/21/12 with
Don't short change yourself. You have lost 66lbs in 4 months according to your avatar, you had surgery on 12/1/11. That is fantastic! You still have 2 months to go and I am will to bet you will make that half way point.

We bit off a lot when we decided to have this surgery and actually went through with it. I'm only 3 weeks out and already miss eating my favorite foods, but we did this to feel better, to get healthy and live long lives. You can do this!
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"You can control how much water you drink, how much protein/carbs/cals you consume, and how much you exercise. FOCUS on those and not the scale, because no matter how hard we try, we do not control the scale." ~  acbbrown

on 4/11/12 8:15 am - Granada Hills, CA
I think it's time to get away from the diet mentality, and away from thinking that *this* is something you can quit. What do you mean quit - you are just going to eat whatever you want, whatever unhealthy stuff you want?

Once we altered our anatomy, our health really depends on the choices we make, more so than for people with "normal" sized stomachs. Quitting isn't an option - just repeat that over and over.

Set some goals for yourself. Pursue something OTHER than weight loss. Reframe what you are doing from simply "dieting' and look at it and start working towards life style changes.

Ive been in weight loss mode for almost 2 years now - that's almost 4x as long as it takes some of these people to reach goal, and im not even that close yet. It SUCKS. It's tiring. But, I don't have an option, and that's what I've told myself from the beginning and it keeps me going. I don't think I'm on a diet. Even if I wanted to "give up" - I'm still going to be making my food every day and measuring my portions out (since I pretty much only own 1/2 cup size dishes lol) and there's still only healthy food in my house. I know that after 2 years of making some changes - I can fall back on those when my will power fails - and I'll be o****il I can get back up.

You have done very well - there's absolutely nothing unusual or "wrong" about your numbers - that is a very steady WL and above 10lbs per month which is amazing. You have to get your head in your game - and dont compare yourself to all of these other people. Every body is different - we all lose weight at different paces - I should have been at goal by now with some of the people that started around my weight, but I'm not, and OH WELL. Just keep going - you will get there! - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

11/16/12 - Got my Body by Sauceda - arms, Bl/BA, LBL, thigh lift. 

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on 4/11/12 8:29 am - Charlotte, NC

Thanks acbbrown, these are all good points and great advice.  I do need to keep my head in the game.  But you can't tell me you don't have those days when it's just like "Screw it...I can't eat but a half cup of XXX anyway I might as well go for it!!!" It's just one of those days for me.  I haven't fallen off of the wagon yet, even when I find myself being dragged by the wagon...I'm hanging on it.  I tell myself all the time, this is not a race, it's a journey.  But unfortunately you look at other people's "stats" on this site, you can't help yourself but compare.  Which is why I stay away sometimes.  But I'm not giving up...choosing to have surgery was HUGE for a big scaredy cat like I'm not going to waste this chance. 

When I think of it in terms of 10 pounds per does seem better than it feels.  And seeing that you've been working for 2 years and still encourages me to keep at it until I reach my goal. 


on 4/11/12 8:48 am
VSG on 04/11/11 with
Just a heads up, stats don't tell you the whole story.. 

It took me 14mo in total (16lbs in 2mo pre-op) to lose everything on my ticker.. and guess what, I lost and still do in stages.. down, then GAIN a couple pounds, let me say that again.. I gain a COUPLE pounds. And I hold onto that for weeks at times.. followed by another fast drop. No, I never wanted to give up, I knew this would be the way it was, it is for many.. I went into this thinking this was my lifestyle period, not a diet, no end in sight. It works, even if you worry every step of the way over ever pound UP that you see.. it works as long as you are staying on plan, then those "ups" are not real. If you get frustrated and start eating to comfort yourself.. then it's only you that didn't work.. Sorry for the reality, but that's the truth of it. In order for this to work long term, you cannot look at it as something that comes to an end at a magic number or date.. it's for the rest of your life.. what you do with that- your call. 
on 4/11/12 9:07 am - Granada Hills, CA
 I have many days where I make poor decisions - I will always admit to that! I had a whole month where I struggled. My attitude is not always the best but I just know I can't give up and I have to limit the length of my pity parties! - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

11/16/12 - Got my Body by Sauceda - arms, Bl/BA, LBL, thigh lift. 

HW 420/ SW 335 /CW 200    85 lbs lost pre-op / 135 post op


on 4/11/12 8:54 am - TX
Okay, does it sound better if I point out that you've lost around 44% of your excess weight (66lbs out of around 150lbs that you want to lose)?  And you've done that in what?  around 4 months?  Stop kicking yourself.  You're doing great.  Stop stepping on the scale and focus on the program.  Upping your fluids is ALWAYS a good idea.
on 4/11/12 9:07 am - Canada
VSG on 03/20/12
 I bookmarked this thread because I think there are some great points being made.  I'm going to remind myself once in awhile that EVERY pound gone is .... Gone.  We are all different.  This sleeve has made an incredible difference so far .... No "diets" ... A new life!  And for you, 66 lbs is phenomenal ... Keep on taking it day by day .... "feeling better" with food as the answer ?... Is really not the answer ....  There's lots of support here ... Every day...... I hope I can do as well as you have!

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on 4/11/12 9:41 am
I could feel your frustration coming through.  DON'T GIVE UP.  WHAT YOU ARE DOING DOES MATTER!!!!!

You are healthier. You are healthier. You are healthier.

Just remind yourself of that.  Also, people *****ach goal in 6 months, tend to be much lighter than you.  Maybe it is the PCOS, but you are progressing.  Maybe you need less carbs.

Definitely up the water. You should know how many glasses you drink. The only thing that I track is protein and water. I typically drink out of 16 ounce cups. I make sure that I drink at least 5 cups (80 ounces). I do this by following certain rules: 3 cups by lunch (at least one befoe breakfast), 1 cup before dinner, 1 cup after dinner.

I wish I could help you more, but hang in there.  It may not be as fast as you want, but you are progressing.
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            mth 6=11.8; mth 7=9.2; mth 8&9= 17.2    
on 4/11/12 10:14 am - Charlotte, NC
Thank you shrinkingmimi...both you and acbbrown are inspirations to me.  Your weight loss has been phenomenal.  I'm just having an off day today and needed a pep talk.  My friends and family who never struggled with weight like I have don't really understand this lifestyle, how and  why I eat what and how I it's nice to know I can come here and get a encouragement / and or some gentle butt kicking. 

Definitely I'm working on my water...I still struggle to get in my 64 ounces per day, so that is an area I'm working on. 

on 4/11/12 4:15 pm
Have you tried these to help make your protein requirements?

For the first 3 months post surgery, this was a life saver for me and I still use one every day for 1/3 of my protein needs and only 11 oz, the rest comes from food...

Premier Protein® Shake

Premier Protein Shakes: Available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.

  • 30g Protein
  • 160 Calories
  • 1g Sugar
  • Low Fat
HW: 425    SW: 337   CW: 262 GW: 217 (surgeon)  
Pre-surgery loss; 88 lbs (mostly in my required 6 month insurance class)
on 4/11/12 6:01 pm - Charlotte, NC
No I have never tried those, I usually do either Nectar or EAS shakes. But they may be worth a shot for 30g protein.

on 4/11/12 10:14 am - CA
Vent all you want but just DON'T QUIT!  One thing that is ok to quit is comparing your loss to others'.  It can be hard to see that but we are all unique and this road really is different for everyone.  Follow your plan the best you can every day.  It will work.  You've gotted great advice here, just incorperate the good and keep moving!
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