Bat Wing or Scars??

on 7/2/12 10:12 am

Hey Friends,
 Just have a question for those that have had the surgery what's worse the bat wings or the scars from the surgery.
 My insurance has approved the surgery but of course my mind is spinning on whether or not to go though it. I am having a tummy tuck also but because of excess skin am looking at also having skin removed bilateral so I will end up with an upside down T on my mid-section. Any thoughts on ANY of this is Greatly Appreciated =)

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on 7/2/12 10:43 am
VSG on 03/29/12
I'm nowhere near goal, but I have been thinking about this a lot. Personally, I think it depends on what kind of clothing you prefer to wear. I love going around sleeveless, and I figure I might for another five or six years or so, maybe longer. Scars will lessen over time, and eventually will fade pretty significantly (usually). So for me personally, I would rather have scars than batwings.

Having said that, I'm pretty sure my insurance won't cover it, and I plan to start trying to get pregnant soon after maintaining my goal weight for a few months or whatever the doctor's instructions are, so I may never end up getting any kind of plastics. I'm okay with that, for now.

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on 7/2/12 10:47 am - Granada Hills, CA
 Do you mean an anchor cut TT? 

I'd take the reddest ugliest scars out there to be from from my batwings - they are more like airplane wings though at this point. My arms are absolutely hideous though sooo, come november, I'm hacking them off!!

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on 7/2/12 10:52 am - Detroit, MI
I agree with acb, I would gladly take ANY scars to get rid of my batwings, hopefully one day I will be able too!

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on 7/2/12 11:49 am
VSG on 06/04/12
When I get there it will be scars for sure, I have gone to many years not wanting to wear sleevless in public.  I can't wait to get there.  Mind you for me it will be a long time yet. :-)

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on 7/2/12 12:00 pm
VSG on 09/26/11 with
Scars will fade over time.  I've had reconstructive plastics prior to WLS (breast reduction) with extensive scarring, and even if the scars hadn't faded, the benefits of the surgery make it so worth it.

I'm about 13 lbs from goal I think, so this is on my mind too.  I just got back from a 2 wk tropical vacay and wore lots of sleeveless.  I just refused to let my batwings dictate my wardrobe.  But the pics have totally convinced me that plastics is in my future.  You wouldn't see the scar in a single picture.  But my arms look funky in at least 80% of them.

PS - What insurance do you have?
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on 7/3/12 2:16 am
VSG on 06/18/12
I had a breast reduction a few years back as well and you can barely see the scars now.

For me it's about clothes fitting comfortably, which they haven't really all that much up to now.

Brachioplasty it is. And it certainly cannot be any worse than having almost 14 pounds of breast removed or having my abdominal cavity blown up like a beach ball!
on 7/2/12 12:11 pm - Canada
VSG on 01/16/12
 I have been thinking about plastics eventually too. I haven't looked into the details on procedures or anything specific yet. I am already scarred up with stretch marks all over my body, along with my new stomach scars, and scars from my breast reduction. However those scars are mostly all hidden. I think if I had to chose between the excess skin or scars, I would go with the scars. I have tons anyway, so what's a few more.  

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on 7/2/12 12:20 pm - MA
If I had the money or my insurance would cover it (not sure I haven't looked into it yet) I would definitely do the plastics. I'm not even halfway to goal and my arms are trying to take flight every time there's a breeze


on 7/2/12 1:11 pm - Southfield, MI
VSG on 03/01/12
 My dream has always been to wear a yellow sundress, so in order to look good in one I plan on plastics.  I'm moving back home in order to save for plastics.

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