How can I get my doctor to approve me for the gastric sleeve???

on 10/16/12 8:52 am
I am asking my doctor to approve me for the Gastric sleeve but she refuses and says I do not meet the requirments! my BMI is 36 to 37 right now I have been overweight for about 4 years and have tried everything diet pills and healthy eating working out 4 days a week with a private trainer! weight loss programs and nothing has helped! I have had a dark neck for years and it is NOT dirt I clean myself and still the darkness stays. I also have had increase in my hunger and have been alot more thirsty than usual. How can I get the doctor to reffer me to the department???
on 10/16/12 12:33 pm
VSG on 05/22/13
As I understand it, if you want insurance to cover it, you need to either have a 40+ BMI or 35 BMI with a documented co-morbidity meaning diabetes, hi-blood pressure, sleep apnea etc.  If you think your developing diabetes with the thirst and hunger issues, get tested.

on 10/17/12 12:26 am
I have a 35 BMI. Just high blood pressure and on 2 meds for it. The doctor was sooooo helpful to find another health issue so that I could be approved. Did a ultrasound of my organs and found a fatty liver, which qualifies. You should find a different more helpful doctor or ask for an ultrasound and say you believe you may have fatty organs. I have been overweight for 40 years which may be why my organs are fatty.....not sure how long you have been overweight. I can tell you it is very very helpful to have a supportive doctor.
on 10/17/12 2:26 am, edited 10/17/12 3:36 am - Four Corners, NM
on 10/17/12 11:14 am - CT
VSG on 11/28/12
I would first educate your doctor on what the actual requirements are for gastric sleeve and then if she is still not on board with helping you, then my only advise would be is to "Get another Doctor"!!!

My doctor couldn't do enough to help me.  I'm sure there are plenty of other doctors to choose from that would be just as accommodating and help you along this journey.

Good luck, but don't give up!!!