Type 1 Diabetes and the Sleeve

on 5/14/13 10:54 am - FL

My 20 year old Type 1 diabetic daughter is having the sleeve in June. Any Type 1's out there that can tell me how the did with their sugars post op?  I'm concerned over the first few days when you get very little in. She is on the insulin pump.  Thanks for any input.

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I have not yet had the surgery, but am about 3 weeks out.  I am a life long Type 1 diabetic and I too wear an insulin pump.  I know you're looking for people who've already had the surgery but I didn't see any responses so far and thought I'd post a reply.  I've been in close contact with my Endo on this topic, as I've been worried about the same thing.  He basically said I should put the pump back on after the surgery and let the pump continue with my basal rates.  Basal rate needs should remain the same for the first few days.  It's the boluses that will likely need to be modified.  My doc says as the weight starts to drop off, the basal rates will likely decrease.  He also said an increase in blood sugars could happen due to the stress of surgery.  I know this wasn't what you were looking for but I hope it helps a little.  My surgery is June 6.  I'd be happy to report on what my blood sugars do.  Good luck.

on 5/14/13 9:16 pm - FL

Thank you so much for taking the time to write. She just got back from college and we will be seeing Endo next week, but he is new to her. She has been diabetic since the age of 13 months, so we've been doing this a long time, which is why this surgery is so important. She is type 2/insulin resistant, also, so has a double whammy. We see the surgeon on Thursday so I'll see what his take is.  I wish you the best of luck on your surgery! and thanks again!!

on 5/26/13 1:03 pm - FL

Your day is fast approaching. Please let me know how you are doing. Endo wants an Iv insulin drip, but surgeon does not want that.  Requires Icu for insulin drip. we are having to pay cash for surgery and icu not part of the plan. Are you putting your pump on immediately post op for the basals? Let me know as that is an option for us instead of an iv drip.  I am staying with my daughter, and am a RN with lots of experience in DM....still not sure how it will all play out. We have the sensor for her and may plug it in post op. My husband is an internist and will be staying with us overnight in the hospital, but he will not be doing her care, just standing by in case. I'm the usual diabetes person.

on 5/30/13 1:49 am - UT

Hi, Sorry it's taken me so long to respond back.  My endo wants me to put my pump back on as soon as I wake up from surgery.  I'd be worried about an insulin drip too.  From what I've read most type ones don't need to bolus at all right after surgery because for those first few days it's only clear liquids and not much of that anyway.  I guess I can see a drip if her blood sugars were going too high, but if not, i don't really understand the need either.  The only other surgery I had that wasn't outpatient was a C-section in 2010.  I had the same endo at that time and we did the same thing.  Pump back on right after surgery and I checked my own sugars and reported them to the nurse.  I'm also a bit of a control freak about my DM management though :)  and I don't really feel the need to be poked however many times, when I can just put on my pump :)   I'm just a week away at this point and getting very nervous.  I plan to bring my laptop to the hospital, I'll keep you posted as much as I am up to.

on 5/30/13 2:57 am - FL

Your reply's have meant the world to me. My stress level is thru the roof, but trying not to show it to my daughter..lol   I wish you the very best luck on your surgery. I will be thinking of you that day. We are the 10th. My daughter's name is Elena and she will be posting once she gets her info on. We are pretty set, now. Surgeon and I are on board for putting the pump back on and letting her, I or my husband do the numbers.  Her full liquids start Sunday, so just went to the store to stock up. I'm going on the liquids with her the whole way thru. We are very close. I'm a lapbander from 2007 and still doing fine. Again...good luck and smooth sailing!



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Thank you- I really appreciate the support.  And likewise, I'll keep you and Elena in my thoughts for her surgery day.

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I feel bad that you haven't gotten more answers as of yet.  Unfortunately I was or am Type II and that is a different ball of wax so to speak.  I never was on insulin however I can report that I was on two medications Metformin ER 500 mg (2 per day) and Glimepiride once a day pre op.  Since one week pre op I stopped all meds and haven't had any for one year this month.  They say there is never really a cure but instead a remission for Type II anyway.  

I don't know the answers for what happens with Type I.  Is there any way that you could ask the surgeon?  If not I am still on great terms with my surgeon and he encourages us to send him emails with questions.  If you want I would be more than happy to send him an email with your question and see if I can't get back to you with an answer within a day or two depending on how busy my surgeon is.  Usually he doesn't do surgeries on Wednesdays so I might get something as soon as tomorrow.

As I was typing that out I think I have already decided to send him that email and get an answer for you.  That way I will know as well.  I will post his answer as soon as I get it ... he hasn't ever really gone more than four hours in answering so I expect something for you tomorrow.



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Thanks.  We are seeing all her doctors starting Thursday(she has been away at college), and hopefully will get a lot of input.  She has all the specialists on board, but nothing like having info from a fellow diabetic.  Good luck on your journey~


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VSG on 07/22/13

im type 2 but type 1's don't produce insulin  so you will always need to take some , but you will be eating much less carbs so you will need much smaller doses , if you have a good endocrinologist , they should have no problems adjusting the dose


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