how many calories should i eat at 3 yrs out

on 6/3/13 4:06 am - Petaluma, CA
I will be 3 years out in oct, i was just wondering how many calories i should be eating?? I still have great restriction but i know ive been eating too many calories. I usually teter between 160 and 170 but went for an ob appointment and i weighed 174 today not good!!!!! Im not happy, i dont exercise much either ( i have an autoimmune disease) how many calories do u consume ??? If u are 2 yrs or more out?
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on 6/3/13 4:19 am
I am nowhere near 3 years out (8 months) but I have read what many post here - and besides, it makes sense.

Many who are 3 years out are in maintenance, and the number of calories needed to maintain differs significantly person to person depending on metabolism, what type of calories you eat and exercise. I think you have to (carefully) experiment.

If you want to lose weight, many people say go back to what worked for you initially (maybe at the 6 month out point).

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on 6/3/13 4:22 am

It's different for most everybody......

I'd go to 800-1000 cals a day for a month..... less than 40 grams of carbs.

See if you lose (if not lower cals)..... than lose till your desired weight.....

Than up cals by 100 for a week at a time till you find your balance point..... log your food intake and weigh everyday.....


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on 6/3/13 4:30 am - Petaluma, CA
Thank u frisco, i will try that.
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Zee Starrlite
on 6/3/13 6:07 am
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YOU have to do what works well for YOUR  body.  Staighten out anything you feel you have become sloppy with like were you exercising more?  eating less carbs etc.

Like my boss spins every single morning no fail, she can eat a bit more because she is burning more calories.


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