Less than 40 lbs to go

Keith L.
on 6/15/13 12:35 am - Navarre, FL
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A couple of complaints here and then you can all let me have it.

i have about 37 lbs to lose to reach my ultimate goal of 185 lbs. I have noticed that my eating habits have become somewhat lax over the past couple weeks. I am still eating low carb and eating healthy but I have somehow started snacking more and "tasting" things I shouldn't be. That being said I am still losing weight at a decent rate. I lost over 3 lbs this week. 

I guess I am a little upset just as all the Vets warned that the closer you get to goal the harder it is. 

My goal for this week is to sorta get back to basics. I have been really bad abou****er and vitamins. I would say not too bad on food but definitely room for improvement. I think the only reason the scale is still moving is because of exercise. 

That being said I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Just hope it's not a train coming the other way. 

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on 6/15/13 1:22 am - NY

I think Water and vitamins are an EXCELLENT place to start and really relatively easy to do when you have the right tools in place (portable pill cases- set reminders on your phone or computer at work...). I had a few weeks of major post op depression (and NOT because I wasn't losing) that I am POSITIVE was exacerbated because of lax supplementation because as soon as I got back on track with them I felt exponentially better. They are just so important. I think even if you don't get everything else in line the way you want- vitamins and water will take you closer to your goal. 

on 6/15/13 1:23 am - NJ
VSG on 03/26/13

Hey Keith

I obviously can't let you have it...just a newbie here finding my own way!  But I think you are in an important phase of your journey.  The thing I most admire about you is that you are IN this....you are living your life and then you take a step back, adjust and continue powering forward.  I am sure you will get good advice here, tweak your plan, and power through these last 40 lbs.

Love the new profile pic! 

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on 6/15/13 2:24 am
When I was about 20lbs from my goal I was going through something similar. I was eating the crust off of sandwiches I would make for my kids and things like that. Exercise is what got me to my goal. I did make it a point to have a protein drink every day and tried to really watch my breakfast and lunches. Even while I'm learning how to keep a stable weight, I struggle with wanting to snack after dinner. I'm still losing at a SLOW rate but I've been under my goal for a few weeks so I'm fine with it.
on 6/15/13 2:42 am

Get busy... do the work.... I've seen you di**** out...... practice what you preach.....

You have come a long ways.... I still remember the newbie Keith....

And a huge reminder....... when your exercise slows or stops (because it will...it always does for one reason or another)...... your food intake has to reflect that......


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on 6/15/13 3:00 am

You are doing fine and losing three pounds in one week proves it.  Just remember that the last 20 or so are usually hard and might require you to really focus to get them off.  I think you got this and your introspection, honesty and stubbornness is what will get you to goal.  You know what to do, you know how to do it, now just make it happen.

on 6/15/13 5:39 am - TX

You've got this!!!

on 6/15/13 5:58 am
VSG on 11/21/12

I remember you had a bad spell with vitamins a while ago -- is this another bad spell, or have you just been letting those go somewhat?

I'm sure you've been measuring and logging because you have been pretty militant about that. 

You have what it takes to get to goal, but you've got to maybe not fiddle around so much with your food.  Definitely back to basics is your way to go, and you do that well. 


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