Tip for smoothing the jiggly tummy...

on 7/1/13 5:22 pm - CA

So, I quite literally pulled a muscle one day trying to get into a spanx cami top.... Had to call hubby to help me get out, I was stuck half in and half out...geez that sucker is a snug fit!,

I realized that I don't want an extra layer over my bra, too hot, and don't need it there...cannot ever go without a bra now, need the lift ( ugh the poor poor girls), so cannot just do the cami itself.....

so..I sauntered into the maternity section at target, bought myself a BeBand... A belly band preggo women wear before, during and after to help hold non maternity pants together if you cannot button them, or to hold up loose pants etc... All those stages. They are about 17.09 and come in black, white and ecru colors in a small/ med size or a med/ lg... Not sure if any bigger. There are other brands out there on linem I think belly band is a brand.

i now wear it all of the time to smooth my tummy, under workout clothes, jeans etc. holds in those jiggly bits nicely without covering areas that don't need it. Can let it show and looks like a layered tee.

for men, I'd imagine you could cut a compression shirt up if you wanted, it won't Frey so won't need to be sewn... Just cut a band off the bottom.

thats my little tip for you all! 




on 7/1/13 8:20 pm
VSG on 11/21/12

Thanks for posting that idea!  I didn't even know these bands existed.  I suppose the fact that I only had one baby when I was 41 weighing 342 pounds had something to do with that.  :)  Sorry you had to experience Spanx Strain to have this epiphany, though. 


A web search for "belly band" has turned up some other options, some of which seem to run in plus sizes, so I'll be checking those out. 


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on 7/1/13 9:49 pm - Atlanta, GA

Nice idea!



on 7/2/13 1:53 am

What christinahelena???  You don't like to rock it cupcake style like me?  A cute way of saying I have a muffin top.  kiss

This sounds like a great idea for when I want the extra smoothing.  Do they get you hot because I am a cotton kinda gal all the way!!!  I like how you say it looks like a layered T!!!




on 7/2/13 2:05 am - CA
VSG on 04/12/13

I really like this idea. I've been looking for just the right solutions to give me support exactly where I need it so that I can do higher impact exercises without injury. Maybe I'll try one band up high where my most painful situation is (who knew I'd have so much painful extra skin in my upper abdomen) and stick with the uber control shorts that seem to be working on their own.

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