After surgery and running a fever.

on 7/19/13 6:24 pm

I had surgery on Thursday afternoon, I haven't felt well all night. I can't get warm and have a headache. The nurse came in ad took my vitals. I am starting to get a fever. I really didn't have this in my plan. Did anyone else have this problem?

I am also having problems with my eyes. I can't see anything close up, even with my glasses





on 7/19/13 7:03 pm - OK
VSG on 07/05/13

The part about not being able to get warm is common.  Loads of people find themselves very cold after surgery, myself included.  If you're starting to get a fever, there is no better place to be than in the hospital where they can get you antibiotics right away.  Hang in there.


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Sharon R.
on 7/19/13 10:11 pm - Windsor, WI

When I was in the hospital, I also felt that same way and ran a low grade fever.  No one was concerned because it didn't go over 100.4.  They said to use my incentive spirometer more and it would take care of it.  I did that and it did.

Sandy M.
on 7/19/13 10:30 pm - Detroit Lakes, MN
Revision on 05/08/13

A low grade fever is quite common right after surgery - I had it too.  Like the previous poster said, they don't get concerned unless it gets high.  I think it's the body's response to the trauma of surgery.  

Now the headache.  Having several previous surgeries, I know that I don't do well with Zofran (an anti-nausea medication).  If you're on it, you might ask for a different kind, since apparently it's known for causing headaches.  I suck at post-ops, since all the narcotics make me throw up, and Zofran gives me a migraine, and the rest of the anti-nausea meds just don't work!  I usually ask them to switch me to straight Tylenol as soon as they can.  A little discomfort is better than dry heaves and a migraine in my book!

I hope you get to feeling better - hang in there, in about a week you'll look at this as a distant memory and be able to start working on your long-term plans for health!

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on 7/20/13 2:28 am
VSG on 07/08/13 with

My hands and feet are constantly cold now post-op.  It's a little weird!  Also the fever is the body's natural response to post-surgical trauma. 

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on 7/20/13 2:33 am - VA
VSG on 04/11/13

I had problems with my eyes as well.  I couldn't read anything and I was getting worried.  I am now three months out and my vision problems have gone away.  I hope yours do to. 


on 7/20/13 2:33 am - OR
VSG on 03/18/13
Being unable to focus is really common. It could be the anti nausea drug or the anesthetic. Lasted a week or two for me. Very frustraiting as I like to read
on 7/21/13 9:57 am
3 days out. I still have a bit of trouble seeing and still running a fever.