? re vanity sizing/Catherines/crruise clothes in feb/march???

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VSG on 04/10/13

Ok all, i have a question.

I went to pay my Fashion Bug bill at Catherines since Fashion Bug in Ohio is nolonger...very sad.  Husband was with me...once a month we have same days off so it was nice.  I was looking at a maxi dress that caught my eye.  Of course they have every size but a 1x.  My husband tells me to pull the 0X off the maniquin and try it on.  Um i'm looking at him like hes stuck on stupid.  Sales lady pulls it off and i go to try it on...low and behold, it fits...very well.  Mind you, i'm 5'8, 273lbs.  Its 50% off so my husband insists i buy it.  Ok, my question is, what size does a OX at Catherines equate to??? I know all of my 22/24's are too big and in some shirts can wear an 18/20.

I'm lost.  Anybody have any ideas?

OMG also, going on our first cruise in Feb/March 2014.  Where does one find summer clothes at that time of the year?  I have no idea what size i'll be in so cant purchase now.

Any help on the above would be great.




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VSG on 01/23/13 with

I buy a lot clothes from thrift stores....you may get lucky at that time of year. Good luck!

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VSG on 05/06/13

a 0X at Catherine's equates to a 14/16


I don't think you will have trouble finding cruise clothes starting around January...they won't be on sale, of course, since the sales will focus on fall/winter clearance, but I think the new spring lines will be out





on 7/20/13 3:03 pm - OH
VSG on 08/13/13

Not sure if you go to Columbus or Plain City but there is a place call DFW.  The Columbus location is at 2727 Northland Plaza dr (not too far from Easton) They carry mostly limited brand stores items, some catherines etc  that are off season or overstock. You can find all sorts of great clothes that are new for such great prices.  check the link below or give them a call.



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VSG on 02/27/13 with

When I worked at Macy's they specifically rolled out "cruise wear" in the winter--maybe just after Christmas? It would probably have gone on sale around late February, if I'm remembering correctly.


As for sizing, all I can say is: dude. Who even knows? I think size tags are randomly generated by a spiteful computer. Plus sizes, straight sizes, and ESPECIALLY the intersection of the two (so, like, sizes "twelve" through about "eighteen") seem to vary SO much from brand to brand, even style to style. In my closet right now I have clothes labeled size eight and clothes labeled size sixteen. Most of what actually fits me is tens and twelves but some twelves are big and then I try on some twelves in stores and can't get them past my knees. TERRIFYING RANDOMNESS. My advice is to just always try stuff on and not make assumptions in either direction, for that way madness lies.

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Julia HasHerLifeNow
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VSG on 10/09/12

Absolutely agree on the sizes! It is so broad it really must be quite a range or totally random.

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VSG on 09/30/13

I second the thrift store idea! I sell women's clothes on Ebay and I find some truly amazing things in the thrift store and consignment stores. It is amazing what people throw away! I don't have a date yet for my surgery but have been picking up some soft tops in at least a size small that I wear now for the Colorado winter. I also have a cruise coming up for 3 weeks next August and totally plan on doing alot of my shopping at the thrift stores, then leaving it on the ship to be donated to the official program or on board staff of their choosing.



on 7/21/13 4:36 pm - cleve, OH

Thank u all. Ill b hittin the thrift stores for winter clothes n will look for cruise things...will also look online. 

Im going to b listing my 3x, 22/24 on fattoo. Ive

got lb, fb, catherines, cato and Torrid if anyone is interested. They will b in the 10-15. range.

Ive donated 5 garb bags of good stuff.

Thanks for advice!