Please send some karma or prayers my way!

on 8/21/13 12:38 pm
I am shamefully asking for prayers or good karma my way. I am patiently waiting to find out if my insurance company has approved my surgery. They declined the first time stating that I hadn't tried hard enough to loose weight. They requested two nutritionist appointments as well as a physiatrist evaluation. I have done those requests and am patiently waiting. I want this surgery so bad.
Thanks for listening. Any good thoughts will help.


on 8/21/13 12:43 pm - Denver, CO
VSG on 12/18/13 with

Don't feel shame! You deserve this tool as much as we all do! I am sorry some person in an office somewhere who doesn't even know you is controlling your life. It's not fair, and you have every right to ask for prayers, good thoughts, etc. I will be thinking of you and hang in there!

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on 8/21/13 12:44 pm
sending positive thoughts your way
good luck
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on 8/21/13 2:30 pm - Irvine, CA

Waiting is so hard.  We hope you hear soon.  While you are waiting here are links to some information you may find helpful: t-loss-surgery-journey/ tial-stay-what-to-pack/ -about-weight-loss-surgery/

Best wishes for a speedy approval!!  


on 8/21/13 3:33 pm

prayers and good vibes.

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on 8/21/13 7:35 pm - ID
VSG on 09/23/13

Waiting is so hard, but don't give up, it's all a process!   Positive thoughts and prayers to you!

on 8/21/13 8:38 pm
VSG on 07/09/13
Best wishes for your dreams.


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on 8/21/13 11:29 pm - LA
VSG on 04/24/13

Sending lots of prayers!!

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on 8/22/13 2:31 am - Canada
VSG on 08/16/13

sending you positive vibes.  you deserve to have the surgery.  

on 8/22/13 3:29 am - TX
VSG on 08/26/13

Praying for you.  Keep us posted on the outcome

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