Some inspirational photos - 2 years, 6 months out

on 1/4/14 8:11 am - Austin, TX

I had my professional headshots done today. The first is for the Go Red Campaign for the American Heart Association that I decided to participate in. My photo will be in AustinWoman magazine which is kinda cool. The other is my business headshot. My hair and make up were done professionally. LOL. She did minimal editing, no shrinking my face like she first had to do when I started going to her :) These were done this morning and I weighed in at 162 :)


And, yes, I thought of you Kairk, when I saw that my collarbones were properly displayed for you :)

You can DO IT people. Go look at my before photos in my album. If I can do this... anyone can.

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Natalie K.
on 1/4/14 8:14 am
VSG on 06/24/13 with

You look incredible! Congratulations on your success. Definitely inspirational!

on 1/4/14 8:14 am


i've been M.I.A. On OH because I'm on vacation till next Tuesday & posting from my iphone clearly sucks as you can see.

love ya Candy, looking great my friend!!!!




on 1/4/14 8:15 am
VSG on 10/30/13

You are absolutely stunning. Congrats!






on 1/4/14 8:29 am - TX

Beautiful photos! You are such an inspiration to this fellow Texas gal!




on 1/4/14 8:30 am - CO

Absolutely gorgeous!

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on 1/4/14 8:32 am

Candy, you look great! Thanks for the inspiration.


on 1/4/14 8:33 am
VSG on 07/22/13
You look totally awesome~~so happy!


Connie S.
on 1/4/14 8:34 am - CA
VSG on 03/04/13


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Dawn ..
on 1/4/14 8:36 am - MI
VSG on 09/23/14

You look great Candy! I love the haircut.

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