should I be disappointed? am I doing this wrong?

on 9/9/17 8:16 am
VSG on 07/11/17

Hey friends -

I am 2 months out from my VSG and feel that I have not been doing great. I am down about 30 pounds (-8 pounds 2 weeks pre-diet and -22 pounds 7/11 to 9/9) and eat anywhere from 500-700 calories a day. I average about 2 pound weight loss a week.

I feel like I can eat much more than 2-4 ounces in a setting.

I do track all meals, but I think I have been making some big mistakes. I try for 50-70 grams of protein. I am walking a lot and shoot for 10,000 steps a day (around 3 miles).

My start weight was 220 and goal is 120. I am at 190. I am a shortie at barely 5'1.

I had a panic attack yesterday thinking that I was wasting these first crucial months. I feel like I am a slow loser and try not to compare myself to others, but it is hard.

I have made some mistakes, like eating almonds...having some hummus with pita, etc.

I called my doctor yesterday and asked about the calorie range. She said I should be closer to 500 calories. I make my own protein shakes and use soy milk. She suggested almond milk and that cuts 70 calories right there....

I am disappointed in myself. This is my chance to make a change.

Thanks for listening - any advice is appreciated...

on 9/9/17 8:19 am
VSG on 07/11/17

I forgot to mention - I have a very hard time getting my water in and try and start each day with a homemade isopure shake which is about 26 grams of protein. I get around 40 oz of water in on a good day.

I have had some cherries on container and do find myself eating them throughout the day if they are out...

Gwen M.
on 9/10/17 7:38 am
VSG on 03/13/14

You must get more liquid into your body.

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on 9/9/17 8:29 am
VSG on 08/22/17

Hi Cali,

I think you are doing great !!!

we all lose at a different pace, so try not to compare yourself to others.

I am 19 days post op and have lost 20 lbs.

If I am at 30 lb. loss at month 2, I will be thrilled :-)

White Dove
on 9/9/17 9:04 am

Having cherries on the counter is a bad idea. Having pita is a bad idea. Almonds and hummus are OK as long as you count the calories very carefully.

You can eat more than 2 to 4 ounces, but that does not mean that you should do it. Losing weight is about learning to eat less. It is best to always eat less than what makes you feel full. Be sure not to drink water for a least 30 minutes after eating.

I got rid of all the fruit after I had surgery. It is a big, big sacrifice, but worth it. I also did not eat bread, rice, potatoes, noodles, pasta, cereal, candy, baked goods or pastries. I did use skim milk in my shakes, but almond is a good suggestion.

What you have to do after surgery is change your eating for life. For me that is no flour, no sugar, no cereals, and very little fruit for life. I had no fruit except for strawberries until after year two.

If your family feels deprived, then too bad. You did this surgery to control your weight and you have a honeymoon period to get that job done. Let them eat somewhere else or learn to just eat healthy foods at home.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 9/9/17 9:05 am
VSG on 08/15/17


So first off, the cherries, thats a HUGE NO. You're not far enough out to be eating raw fruit/raw veggies. The stomach isn't healed enough by then to start that.

So far, I'm not a month out yet. I am 6 days shy from a month, and I lose maybe 2-4lbs every week? Every week has been different because of what I've been allowed to eat post op diet, to my work schedule, to my class schedule. I still do a ton of liquid stuff like jello and popsicles.

But, don't fret, you are incredible, and you will rock this. Some people it takes a few to get it going.

on 9/9/17 10:34 am
VSG on 11/01/17

I am actually very impressed by what you have done. Keep in mind that you are short, and you already lost 30 POUNDS 30 POUNDS!!!! look at the percentage you lost 15% in 2.5 months that is a lot! yes others lose more, and other lose less. you can't compare yourself to others. get your water in, and follow what the doctors say. I personally hope I do this well!!

on 9/9/17 11:07 am
VSG on 07/11/17

Thanks everyone for your comments - I did a search on this site for 2 months and got a lot of great information. I absolutely can do better and need to to better following the program. I have to stop comparing myself and enjoy the victories along the way. I do feel much better in my clothes!

on 9/9/17 4:38 pm
VSG on 12/28/16

You're doing great. Don't beat yourself up and get your head twisted.

Do lose the cherries. Almonds are too high in calories. At two months I was at 400 calories. I was under 600 calories until 6 months and I was still (and am) a slower loser than some. It's hard not to compare; I get it.

Really try and focus and track everything you eat to keep yourself accountable.

on 9/9/17 5:13 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

30 lbs down is about where I was at two months out - and I started out way heavier than you.