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Can someone share with me their nutrition goals at this stage? I had post-op visit on yesterday and the nutritionist was out on vacation. My surgeon said I should aim for 1000 calories & 64g of protein. But I forgot to ask about TOTAL CARBS & FAT. PLEASE HELP!!! BTW, I'M 30LBS DOWN IN ONE MONTH!!!

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1,000 seems high only a couple of weeks out. My surgeon called for 1,000 by about month 8 which is still high compared to most other surgeons I hear about.

In soft stage a couple of weeks out, I was doing good to get 500 cal in. My surgeon doesn't push low carb, and I can't do it anyway (long story) but she said my focus at that point should be on protein -- striving for 80g -- and fluids (as much as I could stand but at a minimum 64oz). 2 weeks out, I was doing good to get most of the protein in and still relying on shakes for most of it.

If you want to do very low carb, ketosis kicks in under about 50g of carbs a day. Many vets and other people here will advise less than 30g a day. You probably don't need to worry about fat at all at this point, and frankly if you're restricting carbs you should have a higher fat intake... it's really a good idea to only restrict one macro (fat, protein, carbs) at a time.

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Thank you for your response! That helps a lot.

Erin T.
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The general goal is 60-80g of protein, under 30g of carbs, and 600-800 calories. At 2 weeks post op I was around 400 calories and then by 3 months I was more towards 600 and by 6 months I was at 800 calories. Don't worry about fat at all.

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Cecily C.
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It was a push for me to get 600 calories at your stage. After I was on regular food it wasn't long before I could eat 800. I've tried to stay close to 800 and less than 1000 since. Once I reach my goal, I'll work up from there until I stop losing and maintain.

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Liz WantsHealthForAll
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I stayed under 800 until maintenance. At 2 Months out I was at about 400; at 4 months around 600. My average calories in maintenance are 1250 (at my weight/height).

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1000 calories will be OK for some, and not so much for others. A woman of average to below average height may well be maintaining in the 1000-1200 or so range, so losing at 1000 will be a slower process and one may fall short. 600-800 seems to be a common range for many to succeed. I lost fine at around 1100, but that's with a guy's metabolism, and am maintaining in the 2000-2200 range. Overall, I wouldn't be overly eager to get up to 1000 calories; you're off to a good start getting down 30 the first month.

Carbohydrate and fat levels don't make a significant difference if your protein and calories are in the right range - establishing or maintaining good basic dietary habits is much more important in the long term than hitting some arbitrary macro number.

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I appreciate your response. Thanks so much for taking time to share.