Medicaid recipient needs help

Teresa R.
on 3/12/09 8:06 am - Yakima, WA
RNY on 04/28/09 with
My sister has Medicaid (DSHS) and i****ting roadblocks when searching for a psychologist and a registered dietician who take a medical coupon. We live in Central Washington, but are willing to make the trip anywhere to get the ball rolling. Is there anyone who has had the same problem? Any suggestions??
on 3/12/09 2:26 pm - Vancouver, WA
Ok, I'm no pro at this but when I had custody of a minor relative I could go on line and get a list of doctors that accepted medicaid by going to the particular medical plan, hers was CUP. If nothing else I would think her caseworker should be able to find out the info for her. Don't know if any of this helps but good luck!
on 3/14/09 9:03 am, edited 3/14/09 9:04 am - WA
RNY on 07/29/08 with
Some hospitals like Virginia Mason in Seattle would take charity care cases... They waived all the costs for going to the psychiatrist and the dietician for me.  Try there.