Denied Medical Clearance

on 8/30/05 8:03 pm - eglin afb, FL
Earlier this year(April), we got orders to England in September. We just found out that they aren't recommending medical clearance for me. The email my husband got said they lacked "general medical services". Other than type 1 diabetes that is under relatively good control and the WLS, there is nothing wrong with me. How can England not be equipped to take care of me? Anyone else ever not gotten medical clearance to PCS overseas? If so, what did you do? Is there a way to fight this? What really ticks me off, is they could of told us this months ago instead of waiting days before we are supposed to leave. We spent over $600 on passports, sold our van, I quit my job, and now they say we aren't going to England.
on 9/4/05 12:47 pm - N Charleston, SC
Hey there Bee Bee. I am scheduled for surgery on 9/12/05 and was talking to my husband about this. And he said that was messed up that they did this. I don't know if there is anything you can do other than going up the chain of command and getting a letter from your physician. Best of Luck, Britt Please let me know. My husband wants to put in for orders to Germany when he gets home from his TDY.
on 9/5/05 9:16 am - Clarksville, TN
hello. well i am real sorry that you have had to deal with all of this. From my own personal experience in getting sent over to Germany with my husband ( april 04), the medical clearance I had was a joke--They sat with me in an office, asked me if i had any problems, etc. I said no, and so they stamped my paper and I was on my way with official medical clearance. I found the entire process of trying to get done what i needed to go overseas to be extremely disorganized, and very frustrating. What i have heard, is that all family members are screened ( hopefully more throuroughly than I was) so that they can make sure the facilities which will be near you can handle the care you may need. I have no idea where in England you were going. Are there military hospitals near there? I'm not sure their reasons, but if ultimately they didn't have large medical facilities near where you'd live, I'm not sure i'd want to go either. In Germany, they have a lot of large hospitals and therefore, i think it wouldn't be an issue in Germany. Although I have come back to SC for this year b/c my husband has been deployed, we'll be going back to Germany in May 05'. Several of my friends there in Germany had the gastric bypass (open) done there in Germany in German Hospitals.
on 9/18/05 7:05 pm - Bitburg, Germany
I don't understand why you shouldn't get cleared to come over to Europe! I had WLS in April 04 and we moved to Germany in July of the same year. My medical clearances took a bit longer than the rest of the family's but I was cleared still the same. Please update us and let us know what happens with this! Kay
on 11/9/05 9:49 am - eglin afb, FL
We tried to find out why they denied me. Never did get a straight answer, but they had issue with the fact that I had 5 follow up appts. after surgery. I guess they were afraid I would have problems with the surgery. We were told to try again after I am a year out from surgery. Still it was pretty disappointing especially after giving up our 2nd vehicle and we still have to pay $10000 for it.
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