Too much protein/vitamins - Elevated liver enzymes ?

on 7/24/06 11:50 am
I'm 8 months out from an RNY. I've been having sinus problems and because of fatigue, weakness and other symptoms the doctor (not the one who performed the WLS - this was one at one of those patient first places that give immediate service with appointment) did a blood test (non-fasting). They called today and said my liver enzymes are elevated and I need to go to my regular PCP. They are going to mail me and my PCP the results. Has anyone had this? I googled it and it might be coming from vitamin mineral supplements or excessive protein consumption. I certainly don't want to be overdoing these to the point that it is damaging my liver. There are many other things that could cause elevated liver enzymes, like excessive alcohol consumption, but I don't fit that profile. Thanks. Torrie
cheryl D.
on 7/24/06 11:59 am - bellingham, WA
See your dr. but I think a lot of people get  high liver enzymes from lossing wieght so fast.  I have high liver enzimes, but not sure if that is due to taking a med. that has since been taken off the market or the surg. or both.  I will be watching your post to see cause my liver enzimes keep getting higher and I think I am done lossing weight unless I can ever afford plastics and I have been off the med for 2 or 3 years.
Nancy M.
on 7/24/06 12:01 pm - Mt. Jackson, VA
Hi Torrie, How much protein are you getting in each day? At 8 months out I had trouble getting in the required 50 grams because I couldn't tolerate the protein shakes--too sweet. Call your doctor and keep us posted. Nancy:wave:
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on 7/24/06 12:07 pm
I'm getting in plenty of protein - 60 - 90 grams per day. I enjoy the shakes. I'll post a follow up when I find out what is going on.  Torrie
on 7/24/06 4:10 pm - Chicago, IL
Torrie, u're the only person I've heard say they enjoy the shakes. Which 1's r u drinking? 




on 7/24/06 1:31 pm
on 7/24/06 3:20 pm
Wow. Sorry that happened to you. I don't know much about anatomy...I didn't know the liver enzymes would have anything to do with the GB. I took the meds for six months that is supposed to protect the gall bladder. It is wierd because I just had labs done last month where I had the RNY and there was no problem, but this week when they were done at the patient emergency center the levels were elevated.  Torrie
on 7/24/06 3:57 pm - IA
Lots of things *could* cause elevated liver enzymes besides protein.  Rapid weight loss (as already mentioned), Tylenol usage, alcohol usage, genetics, etc.  Do you have a prior test to compare it to; or, is this your first? ~~Sherry
on 7/25/06 3:24 am - Sterling, VA

Hi Torrie The liver enzymes would not normally elevate due to protein consumption. (I assume you don't mean the level of ammonia in the blood).

So following up with your physician is important. Jerome,  UNJURY Protein

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