What are considered soft foods??

on 12/16/06 4:10 am - bath, NY
Okay.. This might have posted two other times but my computer is acting funny... So here it is again.. What foods are considered soft foods? What did your daily menus consist of? I will be starting my soft food stage on Monday.. I just need some suggestions.. Are these foods included now?? Pasta, veggies and Fruits???  Thanks ahead of time....
Brenda T.
on 12/16/06 4:16 am - MA

Stay away from the carbs at this point. Veggies might give you trouble also..  But applesause or any baby food fruit is good Scrambled eggs tuna with some mayo soups cottage cheese racotta cheese baby meats

or any meat you can stick in the blender


on 12/16/06 6:52 am, edited 12/16/06 7:11 am - Simpsonville, SC

. I can't remember about the veggies, I also ate the things brenda posted along with refried beans, mashed potatoes with unflavored protein powder, salmon, canned shrimp, cheese, cheese and more cheese, creamed strained soups, (a little creamed soup mixed witht he tuna or salmon) yummysf puddin of course. Some surgeons don't allow the mashed taters though, so u may wanna check that out.  many hugs, nora I was not allowed Pasta until three months out, but others do allow them on the soft stage

on 12/16/06 7:02 am, edited 12/16/06 7:10 am - Simpsonville, SC
Ok.. I just pulled my manual out and I was  allowed veggies without hulls or skins, No corn!!  I was allowed fruits without seeds or skins. I was allowed fish, poultry, lowfat peanut butter, and all the other things I mentioned in the other post. Sometimes I get the stages of the diet confused :) sorry more suggestions grits oatmeal creamof wheat basically almost anything that is soft and easy to chew
on 12/16/06 9:16 am
I am on the puree'd stage and am allowed ANYTHING I can chew to a puree'd consistency except for: - Raw vegetables - Bread and pasta (too sticky and some people have problems with them early in healing) - Corn or other items with a "skin" I have eaten pretty much anything/everything at my meals and have not had any problems.  I chew THOROUGHLY and I weigh all my food.

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                                  (Highest Weight, Current Weight, Dream Weight)  

I am a healthy BMI now and so I am happy.  I haven't decided yet where my comfort point is for maintaining.  I'm trying to lose more, but I may find out that causes me to have more restrictive daily diet and excercise habits than what I am comfortable with long-term.  It's all about choices!!!

on 12/16/06 9:36 am - San Jose, CA
We're starting soft foods at the same time! Here is what I can have: Cottage cheese SF pudding Carb control yogurt - no fruit Thinly sliced deli meats - no bologna or salami Crab and imitation crab Soynut butter Tofu String cheese Homemade soup - blended Eggs - boiled, scrambled, sunny side up, hard boiled Egg beaters My doctor wants me in this phase for a minimum of two weeks before getting to solid food. Hey, it sounds great compared to the liquids-only I have been on the last two weeks!


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