Confession Time***I NEED HELP SO BE NICE***:)

on 1/31/07 10:21 am - Gaithersburg, MD
I am really embarrassed guys so here goes.... I need help, I am so blown by how much I can eat!!!! Can you believe that I ate an entire steak at The Olive Garden last weekend??? It was really soft and fell off the bone but I ate the whole thing!!! I can eat so much I feel. It's only 9 months!!! This is what I ate today for example: 3/4 of a croissant with cream cheese 1 raspberry filled croissant (yes, I know!!! )  1 cup of basmati rice with 7 pieces of tenderloin a breast of chicken from the hospital ( I went to see my dad) 4 20oz bottles of water 1/2 bag of cashews (honey coated) a little back of swedish fish oh and 1/2 a cup of coffee Look at all this food!!! none of it good. I took all my vitamins though... I am so shocked by how much I can eat and I feel like crap...a few days ago my Dad went in the hospital and my brother (dying of a terminal illness) is being researched on in a facility far away from us. I am not using this as an excuse but it certainly plays a part, you know all the stress. AHHHHHH!  I have lost 100Lbs so far and I need to lose 70 more Lbs!!! I have stopped losing for two months now...what am I to do? How can I get out of this path to destruction??? I have called my nut's office and NO response. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks. Vi

Life is Good!!!

Janna B.
on 1/31/07 10:26 am - Silverdale, WA
We have all been there.  There are so many reasons we feel we get out of control with eating.  The good thing is that you understanding what is happening and taking ownership of it.  You are going to have to find something to eat that replaces the foods you are eating.  Have it premade so when you feel the need to eat something, it will be something nutritious.  Maybe incorporate exercise when you feel that urge to eat.  Something other than what you are eating.  I know it's hard honey.  But you have to turn it around before it gets out of control.  A plan always works for me.  Best wishes. Janna B.


on 1/31/07 10:58 am - Gaithersburg, MD
Thank you so muich for the encouragement, I truly appreciate're  right I see that I am heading down the wrong path. I appreciate it again, Vi

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Kim A.
on 1/31/07 9:23 pm - ypsilanti, MI
Maybe I am wrong, but I don't see what is so horrible about what you ate!  Granted, there could have been a few different choices, but it seems to me you were still aware.  Have you tried using a program like FITDAY to track what you eat!  I absolutely HATE tracking what I eat, but I find, at the end of the day, if I have time to sit down and journal it, I get an idea of where I stand for that day. Beleive me, I am only 2 months out and I have had the same types of eating experiences! when I have days like that, from stress, or hormones usually, I will look at the total calorie intake, as well as the fat, and protien.  If I messed up, I messed up, but if my calorie intake is still around where it should be, mentally,  I find it easier to let it go and get back on track the next day. I think if we are over rigid, and over critical of ourselves, it just makes it harder to focus on the goal. I think stress eating is the very hardest to conquer, then next, hormonal eating! I never realized what a stress eater I was until after I had this surgery.  I gained a lot of weight shortly after my daughter passed, and I still was in denial about the stress eating.  Now, I know I am a stress cooker!  I still do that.  It soothes me to cook, and my husband and other family members like it! But, I am getting off track, anyway, I have found that using fitday(what an absolutely wonderful program!) helps keep me sane, and in control, even when I go a bit off track. As we have all bee told, this is a lifestyle change.  An in one's life, there are going to be plenty ups and downs.  In my opinion, the keys is to handle the challenges as they come, and keep an eye on the big overall picture. Make sure a detour stays a detour, and not a permanent route in the opposite direction You are doing fine.  This is a difficult time for you.  The fact that you are aware of it is your strength.  My sincere, heartfelt condolences to you in your difficult time God Bless, Kim Adams

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on 2/1/07 3:59 am
What to do? You have been so successful losing the first 100.  You know what to do. Stop eating the junk. You know very well that weight comes back on a lot faster than it came off.  What to do, dearie? Refresh yourself. Reacquaint yourself with your signature tag. You can do anything you set your mind to. Don't let life get you by the scruff of the neck and help you make excuses for doing harm to yourself because of it. Be strong. We already know you've "got the stuff." Joyce
Ann Shaffer
on 1/31/07 10:28 am - Caledonia, NY
Vi - I am not here to beat up on you - you seem to be doing a good enough job of that yourself!  You have done a great job until your stall 2 months ago.  I don't know what you were doing up until then but you might try mixing it up now.  You might want to focus on protein, protein, protein and fluid for a little bit.  Good luck and take it easy on yourself the more stress you put on yourself the less likely you are to do the things you know to do.  Keep us updated                Ann

Hang in there 'cause the option might hurt     Ann

Jessica S.
on 1/31/07 10:34 am - Las Cruces, NM
I agree...stop beating yourself up...Accept the things you cannot change...focus on limiting caloric intake and maximizing protein intake...back to protein shakes...that should satiate...One thing that has helped me is lean cuisine, south beach and weigh****cher frozen dinners...I get the ones that only have a meat and vegetable, they are easy, and pretty tasty.  Another thing is that I know I am an emotional eater....I eat because it comforts me.  Sounds like you are pretty, consider seeking counseling or therapy...Our society gives it a negative stigma but I think it's very positive and you may need some medication, like antidepressants....if you are eating because there is an underlying problem (like stress....), then you can fix that problem and hopefully get back on track...I know you can do it!!!!! I have faith in you and will be saying prayers...Feel free to contact me if you need to chat...Jess
on 1/31/07 11:00 am - Gaithersburg, MD
I appreciate it so much... I will look into therapy I think I may need it. I will try to pull myself upm I work out alot and worked out today though not enough to stop what I did....thank you again I appreciate it.

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Julie A.
on 1/31/07 10:31 am - OK
The steak does seem like a lot, many oz's? Did you eat anything else with it? My question to you is....the you have it for b'fast?  The reason I ask is bcuz if I start the day with carbs, it's WATCH OUT NELLIE!!!  I have PCOS and insulin-resistance, so I'm real sensitive to carbs.  If I do eat carbs early in the day and they aren't the vegetable variety, I can't seem to eat enough all day long.  Maybe if you HAVE to have the croissant, eat it later in the day, maybe a smaller portion, add some deli meat on the side, anything to up the protein in your meal time.   Oh, and call that NUT back!!!  Good luck, Julie
on 1/31/07 11:02 am - Gaithersburg, MD
Thank you Julie, I appreciate it. I did have the croissant for breakfast...I will go bak to protein shakes for breakfast. I feel sick right now because of all the food.

Life is Good!!!

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