Question on blood thinner injections

on 3/25/07 2:16 pm - CAMERON, NC
My surgeon requires I take blood thinners for 6 months after surgery.  I believe he said it was Lovenox injections.  Anyone else doing this?  Surgery in 4 days!!  Getting a little nervous.
on 3/25/07 2:20 pm - Eastside Seattle 'burb, WA
Luvenox.  Expensive, and like all blood thinners - kinda risky.  However, they should prevent clots, which we are also at high risk for. Best to you!
on 3/25/07 2:21 pm - Ridgecrest, CA
I did the shots mine were a different drug but same affect.  My husband just gave them to me every night before bed.  You can do them yourself but I figured it would be easier for him.  I did then for 3 1/2 weeks after surgery and now I am on Cumaden(sp) for at least three months and at that point they will check my legs and decide if I have to do another three months.  They do not hurt but they do bruise no matter how careful you are. 
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on 3/25/07 2:24 pm - Glendale, RI
Hi, Yes I was on those to. I had no problems giving them to myself. I was scared but its nothing. Lots of luck, Claudia


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on 3/25/07 2:24 pm, edited 3/25/07 2:26 pm - Northern, MS
Many WLS Folks are often put on a prescription of "Blood Thinners" Usually Heparin shots following surgery to reduce the risk of Blood Clots/Deep Vein Thrombosis.  But, suddenly faced with ‘self-injecting’ and being a temporary "Borderline Hemophiliac"  Can be quite distressing for many. So- Below follows some info on "Injections."  (just follow that link) And a Re-Post of info passed on in the past that deals with bleeding and such Related to being on a "Blood Thinner."

-------------------------------- RE-POST: Well Tonight is "Coumadin Night" on the Board! The Coumadin’s not as bad as it seems. I’ve been on it now for about 3 ˝ years. Here’s what I wish I had done from the beginning. Take it or leave it.... Get a Styptic Pencil from the drug store. They are around $2.00 but are so "Old-School" That they can be hard to find. "Nick-Relief" or "Nik-Aid" are the ones I’ve bought. They do sting a little, but stop the bleeding quick. There is one that comes in a little ‘roll-on’ applicator Like Under-arm deodorant for mice. Avoid it! That will sting the **** out of you. I don’t know what genius down at that lab mixed that stuff up But it’s like Tabasco sauce for a cut. If you are really concerned, (like if you are picking up a second part-time job at a Bennehanas,?) Or, with scissors flying you might think about this- Look for just some "Blood Clotting Spray" Sold as Homeostatic Spray or powder to go in First Aid kits. I use Exacto knives and razor blades all the time to build little Scenic models of my sets, so I actually have needed it. If there is a "Theatrical Paint Supply House" around Like a Norcostco or Rosco distributor You can get a ˝ pound of the stuff in powder form for less than a dollar. (we use it to shrink up backdrops) It’s Aluminum Sulfate or you could get just plain old "Alum" In the ‘pickling spice’ area of a grocery store. The Styptic Pencil is easiest and "no fuss." If you nick your self while shaving, or even a deep scratch You’ll bleed like a hemophiliac. But, not a big worry, It Does stop. It just takes a longer time. Big problem isn’t "blood loss" It’s just not getting it on crap and staining something. If you hit something, that before would have just been a "Oouww!" Now, it’ll make a big bruise that takes about 3 times as long to fade away. The "Internal Bleeding" from a contusion kept me scared the first year. I asked the doctor "How Big a Risk?!" It actually only really is a serious issue with a serious blunt trauma. "Don’t get in a Car Wreck!" Even then as long as you get to an ER they can give you an injection Of Vitamin K or Blood platelets and you’re clotting again soon. Yes, do take it easy with the dental floss too! That truly suks! Some Lovenox Experiences at- The "pinch before sticking" is a great one! The shots will leave big Bruises, like crazy dark and big, So don’t let that freak you. It’s normal. You’ll probably have to check your ‘Pro-Time or INR’ every other week To make sure that you are not "Too thick or Too Thin." The first couple of times they may draw a test tube of blood But once you are within the 2 to 2.5 range where blood clots aren’t Likely to form, and you’re not likely to bleed too easily, They will probably move to just a little "finger stick" to check it. If you run a little too "thick," you’ll probably have to take a Lovenox shot For the next 2 days while waiting for the dosage of Coumadin to get high enough. Until they get you r dosage right (and it takes some fine tuning) It is a pain in the azz! But, it keeps clot from forming. A lot of people have to take around 5 mgs of Coumadin a day, But don’t be alarmed if you have to take much more due to mal-absorbing from the RNY. I take 15mgs daily except for 2 days a week I have to take 17.5mgs. Apparently that is a lot, because every time I hit a new nurse Her eyes pop out reading my chart and they go into the – "This can’t be right..." song and dance. Bored with explaining to new nurses. They’ll probably give you a list of stuff to not eat much of, like- Spinach, Greens, Broccoli, Pistachios, etc... most all green stuff. I totally screwed my levels up for about 3 weeks because it kept showing "Thick" and I wasn’t eating ANY of that stuff. Then the doc said she wanted a "bite by bite journal" of my food. Turns out, the seaweed wrappers (Nori) on Sushi isn’t actually black, It’s SO Green that it Looks Black. I had been eating ‘Super Greens’ every other day for lunch. So, That’s everything that I know about/ experienced about- "Coumadin and Heparin or Lovenox Shots."

Best Wishes-Mike Wazowski Dx

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on 3/25/07 2:30 pm - CAMERON, NC
Thanks all......I have given myself allergy shots before with no problem.  Is it like that?
Dx E
on 3/25/07 2:32 pm - Northern, MS
Except for the Big Bruise, and the lowered cloting factor in the blood, Yeah. It's a shot.

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on 3/25/07 2:35 pm - Portsmouth, OH
I've been on Lovenox several times. It's less risky than heprin that's why it's the at home injectionable...I wasn't on it for 6 months...sure it's not 6 weeks? Of course I don't know your situation. I'm not sure of the risks difference between lovenox and coumadin...heck on one point I was on both as I was being switched between the 2....but the shots aren't that big of a deal...they are just skin deep...I used to not be able to even watch the flu shot segments on the news...and I was able to give myself the Lovenox problem. Just make sure the nurse at the hospital shows you how before you leave...that helped me a great deal. Oh, and the insurance covered it with just my $25 co-pay for my 2-week or whatever dose my PCP that was nice...I did see that is said you saved $1200 or something with your thank goodness for that.

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Joanne N.
on 3/25/07 2:40 pm
Hi,  I had open rny on January 16 and I gave myself Lovenox shots for 3 weeks after I came home from the hospital.  I didn't have any bruising.  The nurses will show you how to do it and send you home with a video.  It's easy!  You can do it!  Don't be scared!  Good luck!  Joanne
on 3/25/07 2:51 pm - Carson City, NV
I didn't have to do the shots but I was on Coumadin for about 6 months due to 2 blood clots in my neck. Does anyone know if you can you still eat greens if you do the shots vs. the pills?
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Mary W.
on 3/25/07 3:37 pm - Clarkston, MI
My surgeon didn't prescribe any blood thinners for me.   Why?  I guess the better question is---why do some surgeons prescribe them? 

on 3/25/07 4:00 pm
I only had to get two lovenox  shots a day while in the hospital. I have no idae what it costs.
on 3/25/07 4:41 pm - Hillsborough, NJ
Hi.  I took the blood thinner injections for 1 week after surgery.   It was no big deal.  I was told to inject it about 2 fingers to the side of my bellybutton.  They will surely show you how to do it in the hospital.  If you don't want to inject yourself then you can have someone do it for you.  Why you have to do it for 6 months I don't know but the doctor must have a good reason.  Good luck. Kathi

Myamshmi,   Kathi