Non-Gritty Protein Powder?

Sarah B.
on 6/2/07 8:10 am - Hemet, CA
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Does anyone know of a protein powder that isn't gritty feeling?  I am now using EAS Advantedge... very high in protein, low in carbs. I like the flavor, but the texture is somewhat gritty. I like to use the powder because it is cheaper. The premade shakes are smoother...but so much more expensive. Any suggestions on how to keep it from being gritty in water? I really shake it to death before I drink it, but that still doesn't help. My surgeon does not allow a blender (too much air). Surgery is in two weeks, and want to figure this out before that time. THANKS A BUNCH!!! Sarah
Teresa M.
on 6/2/07 8:17 am, edited 6/2/07 8:50 am - Mays Landing, NJ
Hi sells a protein powder called  Body Fortress whey protein in chocolate and vanilla flavors yummy. and for about $12.00 in a 2 lb  canister. and 100% non gritty


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on 6/2/07 8:42 am - Aberdeen, WA
In my opinion, Matrix 5.0 is the best powder out there.
Stacie S.
on 6/2/07 8:52 am
I use New Whey its mainly for warm foods but has no taste at all. I put it into my SF pudding applesauce, soups all kinds of things. I put 2 scoops into a small cup everyday and make sure its gone by the time I go to bed, Hope this helps!
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on 6/2/07 11:14 am - CA
I want to try this it unflavored? And where do you get it? Jen
on 6/2/07 9:32 am - FL
I use Body Fortress from WalMart...vanilla and choc, both. What works for me, is to mix it with milk..stir with fork then I shake a little...the drink..not've tried a lot and that makes it pretty smooth...lots of folks use their Magic Bullets with it.  Also heard about  Zero Carb Isopure powder and Matrix... Judy

Suzanne M.
on 6/2/07 10:54 am - TX
Optimum Solutions.  I get it at GNC.  It's not expensive either.  I love the extreme chocolate milk flavor.  It's low carb, high protein as well.  I mix mine with skim milk in the blender, but not too much. I don't like air in my shakes. 


*Ladybug *.
on 6/2/07 11:38 am - Central Region, NM
I think Matrix 5.0 is the best protein for the price out there.  It comes in chocolate, vanilla nad orange cream tat I am aware of.  It mixes so well ---I mix it in a small amount of water let it sit for 1-2 min and it is complete dissolved without all the mixing, shaking, smashing clumps, etc. Then I add ice.  It seems to dissolve better at room temp water.   I even put in in coffee....I use about 12 oz coffee, cool it down a bit with some 2% milk, then add 1 -1 1/2 scoops of chocolate protein (matrix 5.0) let it sit for a minute, stir with a fork and I am done ....except I often put s/f raspberry flavoring for a great morning drink.  I drink this every day on the way to work...It is as good as Starbuck's Mocha and a heck of a lot cheaper.....

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on 6/2/07 11:52 am - Monroe, MI
Hi, my two cents worth is on the Walmart Whey Protein also..But have to admit I never gave the blended with a blender causing air pockets  any thought. Guess I don't have a problem with mine & I have been drinking all of mine that way since 2 wks b-4 my lapband surgery. Have never been gritty to me & so much variety & flavors you can add. If I would've known how good protein shakes tasted years ago, Wendys & all the fast food joints never would've passed my LIPS. I just love the energy you get from them. I drink two a day & keep adding ice to them to get extra liquid (water) in for my count  for the day. But, like everyone says we all have different tastes, and best to experiment & if you can get free samples, better yet..                                   Good luck with surgery...........Pam-Busdriver
rebeka C.
on 6/2/07 12:03 pm - SC
Unjury!  I had a strawberry banana smoothie this morning... yum!  Put 2 scoops in the blender (made enough for me and DH) and didn't get that weird aftertaste that some proteins have.  I love Unjury!!!