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Burping after surgery...?

on 10/8/07 3:16 pm - Manahawkin, NJ
Hi I'm 3 weeks post op and ever since i've gotten the surgery i've been burping a lot! like A LOT! is this normal and does anyone know why it happens? thanks Kar
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on 10/8/07 3:24 pm - Cottage Grove, OR
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Kar- If you find answers, let me know :) I've been burping for 18 months now :) For me, I think its after I've had something dairy, or too sweet for my pouch.  And sometimes its when I've eaten too much, pushed my pouch too much and should have stopped a few bites ago. I used to burp before surgery, too, but not this much...

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Kristin N.
on 10/8/07 3:55 pm - Petaluma, CA
I'm 3 weeks too! and i burp SO much now.  I think the pouch is so small that it forces that air right back up.  I was surprised that my burps are so loud and so many now, considering they have such a small pouch to come out of.   

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on 10/8/07 8:16 pm - somewhere
Here's a link to a site that explains it very very well:

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ladybugmom C.
on 10/8/07 10:07 pm - Roanoke Rapids, NC
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I'm a BIG BURPER TOO.... Very normal.  Hugs, Wanda

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on 10/8/07 11:15 pm - West Fargo, ND
I am 3 months post op and have been burping a LOT since surgery.  Not that I didn't burp before, but now it is a given; anytime I eat, I burp.  If I DON'T let the burps out, I tend to get sick, so I have learned to burp discreetly in public. Most often I eat my lunch in my office at work!


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