Runny nose after eating

on 11/19/07 1:54 am - Lancaster, PA
I am just wondering if anyone has this. Almost always while or after I am eating I get a runny nose. I am 13 mos out and it has been pretty consistent. ANyone know why?
Dena W.
on 11/19/07 1:58 am - Tarpon Springs, FL
RNY on 03/12/07 with
YES!  I have found that when I'm full, my nose starts to run.  I don't know if it is my body's way of just telling me to stop eating or what, but it works.   Incidentally, my husband and sister, who have NOT had weight loss surgery, have noticed the same thing happens to them.  I do not know the physiology behind it, though.  Hopefully someone else will.
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on 11/2/10 8:50 pm - bryant, AR
 Reactive Hypoglycemia. (Maybe)
Holly Berry
on 11/19/07 2:05 am - Oceanside, CA
That's your cue to stop eating.  I sneeze or get hiccups, if I get to that point.  Don't take another bite when that happens. Don't know why, but it happens to a lot of us. Holly Berry

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Valerie G.
on 11/19/07 2:12 am - Northwest Mountains, GA
Yep, it means STOP EATING I get it along with three hiccups when I'm full.  If I keep pushing, I'll be miserable.

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Eileen O.
on 11/19/07 2:19 am - Marlton, NJ
I'll be 4 months out next month and the same thing happens to me.  I believe someone posted the same thing last friday and had some "medical" explaination to it.
Karen The Papaya

on 11/19/07 2:29 am - somewhere
here's a link to a great site that explains why we get alot of these symptoms after WLS.....

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on 11/19/07 2:29 am - Spokane, WA
I'm another "runny noser" and have been since right after the surgery.    It has to do with the vagus nerve. "Many Post-ops claim to have their nose start running when they take "that last bite" just before feeling too full. Some experience sneezing or hiccups if they eat a bite too much. Both are actions inextricably bound to Vagus nerve signals. Many claim to get a "runny nose" with one bite too much food for their pouch, and hiccups from eating too fast." I'm two years out and it still happens. Sally
on 11/2/10 8:51 pm - bryant, AR
 Reactive Hypoglycemia. 
on 4/5/09 12:08 pm - Charlotte, NC
I have same problem by sneezing after the meal. I had that happening so often! My friends laughed at me for sneezing! I could not help it. Thank you for this forum and mean a lot to my health and yours too! I lost over 100 since 4 months.
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