Please Help I have gas, farting, since Gastric By-pass!!

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on 12/27/07 9:37 pm

I had gastric bypass June 2006. I have lost 129 pounds BUT>>>>Has anyone had a problem with gas, farting, since they have had gastric bypass? Ever since I have had the surgery I have had gas but it is getting even worse. I thought it was food related but it is all the time and the smell is unbearable especially for others, my family.  This has never happened until I had the surgery. I called my doctor, who did the surgery, and he told me to call my family doctor. I talked to my family doctor and he said this is a natural thing but this is unimaginable. Gas is natural to a certain point so this is why I am writing this to see if this is a problem with anyone else. Should I set up an appointment and meet with my surgeon? Does anyone think something is wrong?

on 12/27/07 10:12 pm
Wonder if you have an overgrowth of intestional bacteria.  If that is a possibility try Flagyl via script or perhaps probiotics OTC. Hope it gets better. Betty
on 12/27/07 11:39 pm - Grayson, KY
I just wanted to add that eating Dannon Active yogurt has helped my gas situation tremendously. I started eating it when I started my first round of penicillin for an infection. I'm now on my third round of penicillin and still eating the yogurt and my gas is a lot less. No the gas wasn't caused by the infection, but the probiotics in the yogurt has helped anyway. And I'm no longer constipated either. Hopefully this will be my last round of penicillin. If not, I may need an IV to get rid of the infection, but will continue the yogurt for obvious reasons. Good source of protein to boot.

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on 12/28/07 6:33 am
Thank you so much for replying. That was so kind and informational.
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on 12/28/07 6:37 am
It's possbile. I am looking for any answers. Thanks for replying to my post.
Sherry B
on 12/27/07 10:19 pm - Peru, IN
This is quite common for those of us who have had Rny. I can't believe your surgeon didn't tell you that. No, nothing is wrong and I have yet to find anything that helps. There is an "internal" deoderant you can get on line that some says help but it never did me. They actually gagged me trying to take them as they have a quite different taste, smell and are a large tablet. I am well over 2 yrs post op and the gas it is not quite as bad as a year ago. But still a pain to deal with. Long story. short, in my experience and reading of others experience, you just have to deal with it. Good luck. Sherry

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on 12/28/07 6:34 am
I wished my suregon would have told me to. Thank you for replying to my post. It made me feel better. Thanks again.
Trauma Queen
on 12/27/07 10:45 pm - Jacksonville, FL
well..i hate to tell ya this but being 29 months postop it's not better :( II began taking chloraphill tablets and I think it's helped some what. It is a natural deoderant made from plants, supposed to help with digestion and what not and also breath.  My breath was kickin! I'm sorry it's bad for you, it's bad for me too. Just try to consume alot of fiber and stay away from gassy foods. thats all i know. Also you may..forfarts and giggles (hehe) wanna go get checked for a bacteria in your intestine. A simple medicne can make a huge difference called Flaglyl (sp?) good luck.
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on 12/28/07 6:40 am
Thank you so much- you made me feel so better. I just laughed and my husband would get so mad because he would about vomit. You are so sweet to spend so much time on my post. Once again Thank you and have a great 2008!
on 12/28/07 12:02 am - West Jordan, UT
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Betty: I use Papaya Enzymes for occasional problems with gas.  It's safe to take.  My Daughter in law who has digestion problems due to large and various medications tells me sometimes she will chew as many as 9 with no side effects.  She has M.S. and  finds she doesn't tolerate many foods and seasonings, particularly when she eats out or food prepared by others and doesn't have control over the preparation like when she is at home. I developed a hernia post op which was repaired just a few months ago and  for the last 6 - 9 months before the repair and as it got larger I had more difficualty with gas.  Now it's much imporved but occasionally I'll eat something that doesn't agree and the Papaya works well for me. Hope you find out what's causing the problem.   Marva


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Mary .
on 12/28/07 5:16 am - TN

I use the OTC probiotics from Walgreens and Devrom. Devrom is an internal deoderant with a different chemical basis from Chlorophyl (which will also help to a degree). Another poster said that she tried one brand but the tabs were really large - the Devrom comes in capsules, and they are not big at all. Much easier to get down than my vitamins or calcium. :)

The probiotics cut down on the amount of gas, and the Devrom cut the stench. The only bad thing about the Devrom is that I have found that you have to take it religiously - you skip taking it after a meal, then all bets are off until your next meal passes through. :)

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on 12/28/07 5:54 am - River Falls, WI
This is extremely common -- excess gas from both ends!  And yes, it does seem to be smellier than before surgery. Lactose intolerance can certainly contribute to the problem, and in fact, can be the only symptom of the intolerance.  An upset in the bacteria in your intestines, a result of surgery, can also contribute to it. I eat a lot of legumes, beans and whole grains, all of which contribute to gas in the most normal person.  But,  I fart a bit less and with less odor when I'm also eating active yogurt cultures every day and avoid all sugar. There are a lot of effective OTC remedies for excessive gas.  You could try those first and if they don't help, there are also prescription remedies that you can discuss with your family doc. Ann
on 12/28/07 6:10 am
Totally normal, if absolute impossible to stand. We have four people with RNY in my immediate family.  I don't know who smells the worst.
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on 12/28/07 6:35 am
God bless your heart. my sons and husband are ready for  ship me off to stinkville. Thanks for replying to my post. Good luck.
Valerie G.
on 12/28/07 6:11 am - Northwest Mountains, GA
First of all, simple carbs are big contributors to gas.  Try eliminating those first and see what happens.  Next, since you're a year or so out, you might have an overgrowth of bacteria in your unused portion of intestine.  Flagyl (by prescription) is a narrow-spectrum antibiotic that will clear that away.   Probiotics might be worth a try too to address the same thing. Internal deodorants help some, but did little for me.

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on 12/28/07 6:48 am

I want to THANK everyone who took the time to reply to my post. I know everyone has busy lives and this meant a lot to me to get some help. I didn't know what to do or who else to turn to except for the ones who have already had the RNY sugeries like me. Again- Thank you from the bottom of my HEART!! Have a great 2008!

Jenn F.
on 12/28/07 7:14 am - Lansing, MI
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My husband, who is one year post op today , has the most incredible gas I have ever encountered.  He uses Devrom which helps as long as he is vigilant about taking it. I do know that when he eats carbs, the gas is much worse.
on 12/28/07 7:35 am
I say be proud.  The smellier, the louder ... think of it is as a great accomplishment no one else can.  LOL.  Okay, that's probably a guy type of view but it was what I adopted in my house.  I don't have such a problem that I cannot keep everything in tact in public, etc.  And I have been married for 16 years so we're pretty comfortable around each other.  There are lots of different over-the-counter medicines to try such as Bean-O, Gas-X, etc.  You can try some of these and if it doesn't work then talk to your doctor about getting a prescrption.  Also, the person who mentioned yogurt - this DOES work.  You HAVE to get the kind with "ass-o-def-a-lous".  Now that is spelled completely wrong, I can't figure out how to spell it (even after googling it) and that is about what it sounds like spelled phonetically.

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Trauma Queen
on 12/28/07 10:13 am - Jacksonville, FL
"I say be proud.  The smellier, the louder ... think of it is as a great accomplishment no one else can." Do you know my kids??? They high 5 each other for the loudest, stinkiest most rank. They even comment on their friends farts. Is this a male thing or what? For Gods sake they are 23 one is in the Army  and he still does this. His barrack buddies all say he is the best farter. /rolls eyes..
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on 1/11/15 3:49 pm

Thanks for the suggestion.  I found what yogurt needs to have...  acidophilus.  I read online that Dannon Classic has this ingredient as well as Chabani.