how many grams of sugar is acceptable to you?

on 1/5/08 9:14 pm - Anchorage, AK
RNY on 03/20/07 with
I have been told to never go over 15 gms of sugar per serving and that seems really high.  I am also concerned that I am eating too many carbs.  How many carbs is too many?  What fruits are safe and don't make you dump?   I want to start adding some fruit and veggies back to my diet but I am confused about which ones are best.   Thanks!
on 1/5/08 9:21 pm - energy, IL
I was told the day of my surgery not to eat over 15 grams of sugar. I also thought it was high. im still new to this but now I dont eat over 3 grams at a time. cause ive dumped on 3 grams which is fine with me. I can eat vegies and fruits. But then again I dont reallty have an issue with any foods now. Ive been very lucky so far. Ive heard many things for the carbs. Ive heard not over 20 or 60 and someone even said 100. I try not to eat over 30 a day. I dont know if its good to do this or not but thats what ive been doing.
on 1/5/08 9:22 pm
I can't remember what my doctors told, but I think it was also 15 grams, at the end of a meal. That *is high.  (I'm a dumper, I know.) Safe fruits, not so much.  I get sick on most fruits, unless I have just a touch in a protein shake.  That, and I hate most fruit textures.  The BEST fruits to eat are BERRIES, they have the lowest carbs and the highest fiber.  The wors****ermelon - high sugar content for no nutritional value.  I don't eat anything else, so I can't really tell you. Best veggies?  Dark, leafy greens, if you can stomach 'em. Google "GI diet"  --- try to eat the veggies + fruit  with the lowest glycemic index.
Amanda K.
on 1/5/08 9:34 pm - Leesburg, VA
For me... I don't go over 10 in a serving for sugar For carbs, I keep it less than 50 a day... Ive been averaging around 30 a day.

**CrYsTaL** B.
on 1/5/08 9:34 pm - watertown, NY
i was told 10 grams of sugar per serving...............carbs i am not sure
on 1/5/08 9:36 pm - Anchorage, AK
RNY on 03/20/07 with

One day when I was in the grocery store, i decided to check the sugar grams on regular ice cream verses low sugar or no sugar added ice cream and low and behold, most regular ice cream has less that 15 grams of sugar per serving that is why I started thinking, 15 grams must be too high!  I don't think I am a sugar dumper as I can eat 15 grams easily, much to my dismay.

on 1/5/08 9:38 pm
Coming up on 6 months since my surgery and my surgeon initially told me 9 grams.  I keep 9 in mind when I eat but I'm not overtly strict about it.  I DUMP like a truck on sugar, carbs and even fat.  I think you just have to experiment sometimes to find out what you can tolerate and even then, we all know, these foods can turn around and bite us in the butt the next day.  I agree with MM, berries seem to be the safest ( fresh is sooooo expensive) but I only get them a couple times a month. I like the Carb control Peaches in a can and every once in awhile I'll peel an apple to eat.  I love a few bites of mango but it scares me so I limit the amount.  Good luck trying fruits out, just make sure you have some time to recover if you're trying something new.

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on 1/5/08 9:55 pm - Columbus, GA
I stay 5 grams of sugar and under per serving.  I'm not sure about the carbs.  I can eat all fruits, but I mostly eat the del monte no sugar added peach cups, it is 25 calories per cup.  I also buy a small container of mixed fresh fruit from the market.  I love grapes but I stay away from them because of the skin.  I eat a salad with either grilled chicken or tuna fish for lunch.  I use canned veggies when making a chicken stew.  
on 1/5/08 10:08 pm, edited 1/5/08 10:08 pm - Wylie, TX
I allowed 5 grams of added sugar, natural sugars like fruits and milk is ok for me per my nut, and I haven't had any problems with fruits or milk.  

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Mommy O.
on 1/5/08 10:32 pm
I usually average less then 15g sugars for the whole day. and i average about 40g of carbs or less.


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