Gastric Bypass vs Vertical Sleeve vs LapBand

Jennifer M.
on 1/13/08 11:18 am - Katy, TX
Good evening.  I am trying to find out the quality of life differences between the 3 procedures.  I'm leaning toward the vertical sleeve but I just don't know.  Bypass kinda scares me because of the dumping stories I have heard.  Thanks in advance.
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on 1/13/08 11:33 am - Scranton, PA

I would suggest visiting all the boards individually to learn more - click on these links! Duodenal Switch:

Lap Band:

Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass:

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy:

on 1/13/08 12:42 pm - TX
VSG on 12/20/07 with is a great comparison, visual and textual, that talks about the different surgeries. Visit the individual boards for more detailed information , my blog :-)
on 12/17/09 1:37 pm - Merced, CA
Thank you so much for suggesting that website.  It was very informative.
Kristie T.
on 1/13/08 1:35 pm, edited 1/13/08 1:37 pm - Hamilton, AL
Small percentage of RNY patients actually Dump. The Band Slippage & Erosion (Lap Band)  and reversals to RNY scared me and also dealing w/ a port and fills, I have no Info on the VGS...but HEY don't forget to Research the DS, but I am sure you have been contacted by one of their support  people by now. I LOVE my RNY, at 4.5 months I am nearing the 70 pd loss, I do not dump, I can basically eat anything in moderation, I use Real Mayonaise, butter, salad dressings, and do NOT dump...My life style is normal, I can go out to eat w/ out feeling deprived.  I exercise at least 4 times a week if not more, Lovin' Life !!!! You have to decide which surgery is best for you, talk w/ your surgeon and possible see another surgeon for his/her opinion.  Research each surgery you are interested in to the Fullest, make notes and compare your lifestyle to the surgery that best fits into your Life.... Good Luck in making the Choice that will best serve you.......


on 4/10/12 11:29 pm - SC
I'm in the process of researching the RNY vs. the VSG. I formerly had the Lap Band and found myself in emergency surgery due to a serious slip that almost cut off the blood supply to my stomach and I could have died.  With all these surgries there are complications that can happen and you need to be aware. One of my family members had the VSG and it kinked and was hospitalized for 6 weeks and ended up needing to convert to RNY. I have two siblings that had RNY and no surgery complictions but are struggling to keep the weight off 6 and 10 years out. My other sister had the VSG 3yrs. ago and is doing fine but struggles with reflux, hunger, and keeping the weight off.  

Personally, I'm leaning toward the VSG because I'm not a big fan of malabsorption.  My surgeron recommends the VSG over the other procedures and is not a big fan of the LapBand at all due to the high removal rate. Things I want more information on is if there is an increased cancer risk with the VSG due to reflux issues and what are the other possible complications. Will I be dependent on reflux meds for the rest of my life? I had a lot of issues with night time reflux with the band and don't want to spend my nights trying to keep food from coming out my nose while I sleep. 

Sorry if this message maybe a downer but some things to think about as you make your desion. Please keep us posted on what you decide. 
on 4/11/12 12:28 am
Why are you resurrecting a thread that's FOUR YEARS old? No doubt the OP made her decission quite some time ago.

If you just want to post about your thoughts, it's much better to start a NEW thread---most people aren't going o notice the date of the original post, and are going to reply to her, not to you.

Here's something for you to think about, re reflux---it seems quite dependant on the size of the Sleeve. I had the DS over 8 years ago, and back then the Sleeved stomach was left larger than it is today---and very few people developed reflux post-op. Then, when the Sleeve as a stand-alone procedure became popular, surgeons started making Sleeves smaller in an attempt to avoid regain, and suddenly we're seeing lots of reflux and strictures.

Have you researched the DS at all? Because the DS also causes malabsorption, it's quite practical to make a largr Sleeve, less prone to reflux. Malabsorption can be a beautiful thing. (*grin*)
on 5/4/12 1:55 am - CA

I understand your concern.  I am in the same situation, where I need to make a decision about another surgery.  I too, have a failed lapband.  I have done the research on all of the surgeries and have read positive and negative stories about them.  I think it will have to be a personal choice at this point.  I am leaning towards the sleeve, but I am with Kaiser and have to go with whatever my doctor recommends.  I have an pre-op appointment on Tuesday.....
on 6/6/12 1:29 am
Very interesting video, Rita....congratulations on your wonderful success! You look great!! 
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