Medic Alert Bracelets

on 2/13/08 5:34 pm - Oklahoma City, OK
Do any of you wear the medic alert bracelets? If you do, what do they say and where did you get them? I was just curious. Thanks for your time, Rita My Weight loss story 

Darlene W.
on 2/13/08 5:37 pm - Arcata, CA
yes I wear one.  I think I got the info from my pharmacy.  I have Fibromyalgia so it has that, I am alergic to sulfa so it says that and I put that I had the surgery.  The one I got has a thing that screws on so you can put the paper that tells your dr and everything else in it and then it screws back on.  It is water proof and I paid about 40 for it. 
Darlene W.
on 2/13/08 5:41 pm - Arcata, CA
I think it is very important because if they have to put a tube down your throat for anything they have to know that our stomachs are so much smaller and there are certain drugs that we can not take. 
Jean M.
on 2/13/08 5:39 pm
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I got one because my bariatric surgeon recommended it and because I have a drug allergy.  I got it at  They have beautiful bracelets although in response to a previous thread on this subject, an EMT said that a "plain jane" bracelet would be more likely to get the attention of emergency medical personnel than a fashion bracelet and that in an emergency, they're going to do a blind NG tube if it'll save your life even if it might damage your pouch. The medic alert part of my bracelet says: MY NAME GASTRIC BAND/DIABETIC NO BLIND NG TUBE NO NSAIDS NO SULFA MY BARIATRIC SURGEON'S NAME A RNY patient's bracelet would say GASTRIC BYPASS instead of GASTRIC BAND. Jean
on 2/13/08 5:40 pm
I do now, never did though. Mine says:
"Beth Pain-In-The-Ass"
Gastric Bypass RNY
Reactive Hypoglycemic
Seizures I just posted about them on my blog.
Darlene W.
on 2/13/08 5:43 pm - Arcata, CA
mine is plain gold with the emblem on the side.  It is really pretty tho but it does look like a regular bracelet.  The ones on the one website tho are really pretty. 
on 2/13/08 5:51 pm - Eureka, CA
I have one that I wear on my left arm saying "no needles or bp".  I lost my lymph nodes under my arm from breast cancer so they aren't to draw blood or blood pressure on that side.  It's silver and I got it from the American Cancer Society.
on 2/13/08 5:55 pm - Oklahoma City, OK
Thanks for your replies. I will have to check into one. Have a great evening. My Weight loss story 

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on 2/14/08 3:58 am, edited 2/14/08 4:03 am
on 2/14/08 5:32 am - SCRANTON, PA
OK, You got me running to my jewelry box, to find mine!! and to put it on!!!  I used to wear it all the time, then took it off one day, and never put back on... but I guess Your right. We will never be 'normal' inside anymore.. and we need to protect ourselves from beeing probed in the pouch. Thanks for the reminder! Karin
on 2/14/08 5:20 am - Oklahoma City, OK
Wow David, thanks for all the valuable information and time that you put into my answer. It was very helpful. Have a great day. My Weight loss story 

on 2/14/08 5:37 am - SCRANTON, PA
 got mine from Laurens Hope, because they have beautiful braclets that go good with real jewelry, like diamond rings, or gold braclets....   they dont look cheap(they arent!!! lol ) mine is silver and gold pearls, twotone, very very pretty!!   runs about $ 100, but is worth it in the long run. it says my name, phone# RNY GASTRIC BYPASS NO NG TUBE, 30 CC MAX NO NSAIDS/ASA/SUGAR DR. BONO, 570-XXX-XXXX
on 2/14/08 8:04 am - Spring Hope, NC
An NG tube goes to your stomach and is not the first thing they put down in an emergency.  A breathing tube goes only to the carina and is in the airway.  It would not damage your pouch.  The first order of business is establish an airway and get an IV going.   NG tubes are put in last.    They would only tube your stomach if they were looking for toxic substances as in drug overdose or poisoning or excessive bleeding. 

on 2/14/08 9:05 am, edited 2/14/08 9:13 am - Oklahoma City, OK
The idea place for a breathing tube is 1-2cm above the carina but it doesn't always go there. I have personally intubated into the stomach before. It's not always an easy thing to do. It happens. It also depends on the emergency situation. Many times a ng tube is dropped first. The breathing tube does not only go into the carina. Where do you work? I want to be sure to go somewhere else. You certainly don't have to wear the ID bracelet, but I think I would rather be safe than sorry. And that is not the only reason that a ng tube is placed. There are many reasons. My Weight loss story