Medic Alert Bracelets

on 2/13/08 9:34 am - Oklahoma City, OK
Do any of you wear the medic alert bracelets? If you do, what do they say and where did you get them? I was just curious. Thanks for your time, Rita My Weight loss story 

Darlene W.
on 2/13/08 9:37 am - Arcata, CA
yes I wear one.  I think I got the info from my pharmacy.  I have Fibromyalgia so it has that, I am alergic to sulfa so it says that and I put that I had the surgery.  The one I got has a thing that screws on so you can put the paper that tells your dr and everything else in it and then it screws back on.  It is water proof and I paid about 40 for it. 
Darlene W.
on 2/13/08 9:41 am - Arcata, CA
I think it is very important because if they have to put a tube down your throat for anything they have to know that our stomachs are so much smaller and there are certain drugs that we can not take. 
Jean M.
on 2/13/08 9:39 am
Revision on 08/16/12
I got one because my bariatric surgeon recommended it and because I have a drug allergy.  I got it at  They have beautiful bracelets although in response to a previous thread on this subject, an EMT said that a "plain jane" bracelet would be more likely to get the attention of emergency medical personnel than a fashion bracelet and that in an emergency, they're going to do a blind NG tube if it'll save your life even if it might damage your pouch. The medic alert part of my bracelet says: MY NAME GASTRIC BAND/DIABETIC NO BLIND NG TUBE NO NSAIDS NO SULFA MY BARIATRIC SURGEON'S NAME A RNY patient's bracelet would say GASTRIC BYPASS instead of GASTRIC BAND. Jean
on 2/13/08 9:40 am
I do now, never did though. Mine says:
"Beth Pain-In-The-Ass"
Gastric Bypass RNY
Reactive Hypoglycemic
Seizures I just posted about them on my blog.
Darlene W.
on 2/13/08 9:43 am - Arcata, CA
mine is plain gold with the emblem on the side.  It is really pretty tho but it does look like a regular bracelet.  The ones on the one website tho are really pretty. 
on 2/13/08 9:51 am - Eureka, CA
I have one that I wear on my left arm saying "no needles or bp".  I lost my lymph nodes under my arm from breast cancer so they aren't to draw blood or blood pressure on that side.  It's silver and I got it from the American Cancer Society.
on 2/13/08 9:55 am - Oklahoma City, OK
Thanks for your replies. I will have to check into one. Have a great evening. My Weight loss story 

(deactivated member)
on 2/13/08 7:58 pm, edited 2/13/08 8:03 pm
on 2/13/08 9:32 pm - SCRANTON, PA
OK, You got me running to my jewelry box, to find mine!! and to put it on!!!  I used to wear it all the time, then took it off one day, and never put back on... but I guess Your right. We will never be 'normal' inside anymore.. and we need to protect ourselves from beeing probed in the pouch. Thanks for the reminder! Karin
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