is your stomach swollen after ryn surgery ?????

on 2/20/08 10:11 pm - BROOKLYN, NY

I have noticed that my upper part of my stomach seems to be swollen but its not hurting or anything is this normal its not huge swollen look  but its there.

on 2/20/08 10:23 pm - new york, NY
RNY on 06/05/07 with
Yes it's from the gas that they use to "blow you up" while operating, this too shall pass give it a week or so.

201 pounds lost since surgery!! And I'm 2 1/2 inches taller too!!

And YES I still eat Carbs and Fats but I know what portion control is!!

Surgery Date: 6/5/07
on 2/20/08 10:32 pm - BROOKLYN, NY
ohhhhhhhhhh ok thanks

on 2/20/08 10:48 pm - AR

I assume everyone's is because of the answer the previous poster already gave.   I know mine was.  It stayed that way for about a week. 

on 2/20/08 10:53 pm - BROOKLYN, NY
its been 3 weeks for me though which now with these answers i find then to be a long time for me then

on 2/20/08 11:10 pm - AR
Honestly, it could have been longer than a week... I really don't remember - sorry!   Unless you were having pain or redness, I wouldn't worry.  But it never hurts to email your surgeon and ask! 
(deactivated member)
on 2/20/08 11:07 pm - River Falls, WI
Stomach or abdomen?  There's a difference. The stomach, both the new pouch and the old stomach are definitely swollen for 2-3 months after surgery due to the trauma.  If it's your abdomen, then there are several factors: surgical trauma (your body sends fluids to protect the "damaged" area.  One of the reasons many surgeons put in a drain is to provide an outlet for this excess fluid. However, even after it is removed, you can still collect fluid there. Your body will eventually reabsorb it, but surgeons will ofter aspirate it in the office with a long needle.  This usually does not hurt at all as you remain numb for quite some time after surgery. And if you had lap RNY, the cause could also be the gas they use.  The gas can take a 2-3 weeks to fully dissipate and it can hurt like the devil.  I had open RNY with no swelling at all in the abdomen, although my pouch/stomach as surely swollen, but had a lap hysterectomy last year that and the gas was by far the worst part of the recovery.
on 2/21/08 1:34 am - BROOKLYN, NY
thank you buddasma i really appreciate it

*Jennifer Juniper*
on 2/20/08 11:33 pm - Philly Girl, PA
Hi! Congratulations on your surgery! Yes, it is normal, they say it takes about 30 days for the sweeling to completely go away... if you aren't sure call the doctor! take care! Jennifer
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