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Hello, I had gastric bypass on September 26 2005. I am having constipation problems. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about a colon cleansing. I think it would help me but I need to know if it is safe. Also if anyone has done the cleansing, did it help. Thank you so much. Donna

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WOW, freaky .. I was considering making an appt. for a "Colon Hydrotherapy" session yesterday but I thought I would post about it here first.  I can't wait to see the responses. Thanks for posting the question.

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There is a gal in my post op support group who had RNY and she has done the Colon Hydrotherapy a few times and she really likes it and yes, it is safe.
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i find that 1/2 cup to 1 cup of fiber one cereal is the colon cleanse i need. I factor it in to my daily points and i go with it. If i decide to skip it i can go 4-6 days without pooping and things are rather unpleasant by then. ANDI
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on 2/27/08 7:27 pm - Makawao-Maui, HI
Hi there, I have done three colon cleanses since the surgery. I am three years post op. All were very helpful I love doing cleanses. I feel so good afterwards. I did the arise and shine cleanse. I think if you google it a site will pop up. It is intense but really liked it. Good luck
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on 2/27/08 10:23 pm - River Falls, WI
I've never had one, but after looking into it and talking to both my PCP and holistic health care provider, I chose to avoid them.  This is simply MY OPINION and INFORMATION and of course there are other positions on this. Here's what I learned: The root cause of constipation needs to be determined so that your body can return to managing this on its own.  Diets high in protein are sometimes lacking in fresh vegetables and fruits, sufficient whole grains, and very importantly, sufficient fats (good fats like olive oil). These deficiencies often result in constipation or irregularity. Colonic cleansings certainly can help temporarily, but they also rob your body of important good bacteria in the colon.  This can lead to future constipation and other colon problems. Sometimes constipation starts in the upper intestines, and colonic cleansing only deals with a very small portion of the lower intestinal track. Any time you rely heavily on "artificial" means of relieving constipation puts you at risk for your body not knowing how to take care of elimination entirely on its own.   So what would I do?  Consider having one colonic cleansing to provide some immediate relief, but really evaluate your diet to make sure it is well balanced and has "smooth move" foods in it every day. Again, just MY opinion. Ann
on 2/27/08 10:30 pm - Humboldt, TN
Naw   I wouldn't do it........ You just need to eat foods that will get you going......... Your anatomy is already changed due to your surgery..... I don't think it would be a good idea........ It might be the quick fix for the minute.........but I think  walking more and drinking more water is what I would do. Good Luck to you!  Leticia

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It's hard to put an exact duration on how long it takes to cleanse the colon, but generally the end result usually tells the tale of when the process is complete. Chances are, when the body feels healthier, with more energy, and digestion seems to happen with more ease, that person has a much cleaner colon than before the process. They will just have a much healthier feeling, and appearance as well.
on 11/25/08 12:01 pm - India
The purpose of cleansing the body is to reduce the effect of stored up contaminants within the body.It helps to maintain good health.But before using any product take advice of doc.Thanks.
on 6/22/09 1:34 am - Denton, TX
I believe we are all very different and its best to consult your doctor before doing anything like this.  It may be great for some and not for others.  We need to let our doctors look over our history and make that determination.  Even if your doctor does allow for this ... I would agree that it is a good way to cleanse all the junk out...but a good healthy diet to maintain the newly cleaned body is certainly in order.  Water is one of the best tools for keeping the pipes clean!