Anyone know a good Gynocologist in Tulsa OK???

Renee T.
on 3/5/08 12:01 am
Okay I have completely had it with my gynocologist here in Tulsa.  She thinks she is a rock star or something.  I had to wait almost 4 months to get in to see her even though I was experiencing problems.  Then I finally have my appt, and she has to go deliver, which didn't tick me off, but then they rescheduled me for two weeks later, which when you have been having some magor problems, seems like a million years.  So then I got in yesterday and guess what??  SHE IS OVERBOOKED and can't see me.  PLEASE, this is ridiculous.  I am not going back to her.  PERIOD.  Thank God I have a good PCP, he is scheduling me for and ultrasound to see what is going on with my uterus because I feel 6 months pregnant even though I am not.   ANyway, back to my question...I would like a female gynocologist in Tulsa, but I don't know of any other than P. Daily...The one I just kicked to the curb. If you know of any good ones, let me know...  It's hard enough to even go to the gynocologist, let alone when you are grossly overweight.  Uggg....

(deactivated member)
on 3/5/08 12:16 am - HI
I can sympathize with you 100%. I have been living with a 12cm cyst on my ovary for 10 months now in and out of the ER 4 X's alone in the last month and still I haven't gotten my GYN to do anything and only to find out hes going on vacation Friday for 2 weeks, Its very frustrating and I wish I could snap my fingers and find a new one that I was comfortable with and that had any idea how hard it is for an obese women to go to the GYN in the first place! I will say that as a nurse,if I was you I would be writing a letter to P.Daily and letting her know your feelings and that's what I'm going to do today with mine. good luck and I hope you get seen soon, Tracy
Renee T.
on 3/5/08 12:22 am

When they told me she couldn't see me yesterday, I just turned around and walked out.  I didn't say a word.  I was afraid I would go off.  My husband ran in from the car (he took me, but was working on his laptop), and he was about to go off on them and I just told him it wasn't worth it.  I will however write a letter.   I am sure I don't have cancer or anything but what if I did?  What if my uterus is swelling because there is a malignant tumor growing?  I mean, what does it take to get a dr to take someone seriously?

Darla P.
on 3/5/08 12:59 am, edited 3/5/08 2:22 am - Timonium, MD

I cann't offer any Dr's names since I am in Maryland but I wanted you to know I will keep you in my prayers:  I am going thru a similar situation here and have gotten good advice from people on the Maryland board:  did you cross post to the Oaklahoma board? I swear Dr's have this Holier then Thou mindset and have no clue what we are going thru. God Bless You Darla

Darla     -



on 3/5/08 5:55 am - Oklahoma City, OK
Renee, Post on the Oklahoma board. A lot of people from Tulsa are on there. My Weight loss story 

Renee T.
on 3/5/08 6:29 am

I posted it a long long time ago but no one every replied...shucks.  I will try again.  Thanks guys for your support.  I need it!

on 3/5/08 11:00 am
VSG on 07/20/09 with
Hi Renee', I am originally from Tulsa and I used to see a nurse practioner named Carolyn Walters, the address is 3218 S. 79th E. Ave and the number is 665-3050.  She has a warm personality and I was comfortable talking to her about anything.  Hope this helps.

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Renee T.
on 3/5/08 11:16 am
Yes it does, THANK YOU.

on 5/15/08 7:34 am
Hi, I was looking for my GYN's # since I couldn't find her card. Her name is Heather Summers.  Her address is 10011 S. Yale suite 100 Tulsa, Ok. 74137 and her phone # is 299-5151 I really like her and her staff and facilities.  You can go to  Dr Heather Summers Obstetrician / Gynecologist Tulsa, OK for more info.  Hope this helps.
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