Caffine Free Diet Tea...Do they Exist??

Cathy Norys
on 3/6/08 6:45 am
Just wondering if there is a Caffine Free Diet Tea out there that we can drink? I am always looking at the arizona ice tea or things like that but can't find anything that says Caffine Free...Can anyone help? Thanks, Cathy


Kathy T.
on 3/6/08 6:52 am - Rosedale, MD
RNY on 12/05/07 with
Nestea makes a powdered one. I don't really care for it because it doesn't have Splenda, I think it has nutrasweet. But, it's not that bad.
on 3/6/08 6:53 am - Daytona Beach, FL
Why not just make your own.  Buy some decaf tea bags and some Splenda....brew up a pitcher full, keep in the fridge....pour into a bottle to take with you.  Simple.  And waaaaaaaaay less $$. Hugs Charlie






Angie Conley
on 3/6/08 6:57 am - Middletown , OH
I agree with Charlie. I make sun tea and add Splenda and lemons to mine. I can drink a whole quart or more a day. And only costs a few bucks to make many batches.
Cathy Norys
on 3/6/08 7:06 am
Thanks for your replys. I'm not really a tea drinker but do like the foo foo teas like peach and rasberry but can't find caffeine free. I will try making my own though and see how it comes out. Thanks again, Cathy


Angie Conley
on 3/6/08 7:30 am - Middletown , OH
You can flavor your tea with fruit juice or use Sugar Free DaVinci syrups. You can get them at Walmart and Kroger. I like the raspberry syrup in my SF hot cocoa.
Laurie S.
on 3/6/08 7:09 am - Tomball, TX
If you look in the grocery store, Bigelow, Celestial Seasonings, and TAZO have some flavored teas that are great, and you can just sweeten them to taste.   Just look for Decaf.  My favorites are the TAZO Passion Fruit tea, Bigelow Pomegranate Pizazz tea, and the Celestial Seasonings decaf sampler packs.    They taste great, even unsweetened. Hope you like!

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on 3/6/08 8:08 am - Helena, MT
Snapple has at least one type of fufu diet tea..............

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on 3/6/08 8:10 am - Augusta, GA
crystal light has the white tea with natural blueberry flavor in the single serving little things that you put in your bottled water.  Those are really good.  I got so addicted to those when i was preop that now I hardly drink them but they are really good.  They also now have some green teas and the other day I picked up a new flavor called "red tea" with mandarin orange flavor.  It's ok.  Really just test out some of the crystal light singles, seems like there's a new flavor every week.
oh_c_cardm-1.gif picture by fyxias
on 3/6/08 8:46 am - Near the Zoo, WI

Are some of the Crystal Light tea's caffeine free?  If so which ones?

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