on 3/20/08 12:42 am - A DOT ON THE MAP, NJ
For all you people that have NOT had WLS and dont need it...PLEASE DO NOT TELL someone that had WLS that we can re-gain our weight!   That ****** me off and alot of others!   WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?  Why during such a positive moment in OUR lives would you make such a negative statement?  That to me is like when someone has a baby and instead of saying OHH What a beautiful baby, GOOD LUCK!  I say You know this world is so corrupt and filled with drugs abuse and terrorism I would have never brought a baby into this world!"  OR  If someone came to me to share that they bought a new car ...and my reply was " Good for you, but its just going to get hit or vandalized because of the neighborhood you live in!"   WHY BE SO NEGATIVE!  Does it cost you anything to be NICE, SUPPORTIVE or just say NOTHING! Are you jealous? That something is finally going right in someone elses life?  Does it always have to be about YOU?  Ask yourself some of these questions before you open up your big mouths! Every one I know that has undergone WLS has  done extensive homework and intense research! There are many more risks to this surgery than just the possiblity of re-gaining weight.  If you ONLY knew how stupid you sounded telling us WLS patients about the posiblity of re-gaining weight after WLS! We dont need you NON WLS people telling us like we are stupid! You are just putting a negative twist on things...people that say this to us are just looking to rain on our parade!   If I had a DOLLAR for everyone that SAID "YOU KNOW YOU CAN GAIN WEIGHT AFTER SURGERY" I would be rich! OHH AND ONE MORE THING!  THIS WAS ACTUALLY BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION BY ANOTHER WLS PATIENT....WHO IS TOTALLY CORRECT I DONT KNOW HOW I FORGOT TO MENTION THIS GRIPE!!??  THANKS FOR THE COMMENT!!! And also, when someone tells you that are having WLS don't say, "WHY DONT YOU JUST STOP EATING!!!"

4 ever in my ...Vincent & Lucas...RIP...mommies lil'

on 3/20/08 12:43 am - New York, NY
If you read my post I just posted like 10 minutes ago..has so much to do with this...Im 340 pounds and diabetic, sleep apnia and all that good stuff....I hate when people think they know whats best for YOU....JUST HATE IT!!!

surgery 4-7-08/current/goal 

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on 3/20/08 12:47 am - IL
This is one reason I don't tell many people about my surgery. If they don't care enough about me to be supportive, they're not going to know.  I don't even include my mother in that number; she's been awful to me for eleven years over WLS.  She doesn't even know I had a revision. If you're hoping for acceptance from the general public, forget it.   Virtually no one knows I had WLS.  I like it that way. 


on 3/20/08 12:58 am - Canada
LOL THANK YOU....................Thanks to you I don't have to say anything ever again.  I just made copies of your post and the next time i will just hand them a copy and say " HERE'S YOUR SIGN" I agree with you 110% Wendy (Orillia Ontario Canada)

on 3/20/08 1:03 am - A DOT ON THE MAP, NJ
LOL thanks for your reply!  making copies is NOT a bad idea! LOL I think from now on when someone asks me how I am loosing the weigh I may say..."You want the truth or what I tell people that I think will give me there ignorant advice on how I lost all the weight!? " hahahahahhaaa "

4 ever in my ...Vincent & Lucas...RIP...mommies lil'

Holly Berry
on 3/20/08 1:00 am - Oceanside, CA
When I tell someone I had WLS, I beat them to the punch.  I say it with the line "of course, this isn't a cure all, we can regain all the weight we lost, it requires a total lifestyle and healthy eating change. Usually, they stop there! Holly

Holly  260/132/125

Lady Bugg
on 3/20/08 1:03 am - West Chester, OH
You forgot to mention that old favorite from uninformed idiots:

"Oh... you took the *easy* way out!"
on 3/20/08 1:05 am - A DOT ON THE MAP, NJ
OHH please I touched base on that IDIOTIC statement the other day! hahahaha  People can be so ignorant and so jealous of other peoples accomplishments.  Its sad!

4 ever in my ...Vincent & Lucas...RIP...mommies lil'

Melissa Hoaglund
on 3/20/08 2:32 am - Racine, WI
When I was going thru the approval process, my Dr required I lose some weight. So, I was motivated beyond belief to have surgery, so I lost 20lbs. Well at 350lbs that's not hard to do, at first, so of course a few family members said, well if you can lose that, don't you think you can lose the rest? Well if I thought that, do you really think I'd have WLS? I know myself well enough to know that sure, I can lose 20lbs, but losing more like 120lbs isn't a whole different ball game. And that remark came from someone who wieghed close to the same as me... So I know where you are coming from! Some people's kids,.... LOL



Melissa, 339 at my heaviest, 3 years out and gained a bit of weight, now I'm ready to lose it !!!

 Nothing tastes as good as wearing a regular size feels!!!

on 3/20/08 6:16 am - A DOT ON THE MAP, NJ
OHH yes...20 pounds wil fall of easy!  I used to laugh and say I could put the 20 back on in one appetize when you are as heavy as I am!  And I know how wonderful it feels to have lost 20 pounds pre op BUT he truth is...I know all to well I would have eventually put it back on plus some extra padding!

4 ever in my ...Vincent & Lucas...RIP...mommies lil'

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