Painful bump on my scalp????

Kristy Friday
on 3/27/08 10:54 am - Woodsfield, OH

Sorry off the topic, but this morning I found very painful bump under my scalp (not a zit).  The area is not red at all but raised.  I have had no accidents or blows to the head. My only worry is 2 years ago in August I had a MRI done that found a "prominent vessel" but days later I had a MRA done on my Circle of Willis and it showed nothing.   Any thoughts? Thanks!!!! 



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on 3/27/08 11:31 am - fairbanks, AK

what size is it approx...dime, nickel it soft, hard?    my DH gets a lot of bumps on his scalp that arent zits either....approx size of dime tender to touch and he says its like a "nervy" feeling they would eventually go away...very sensative to touch...they occur around his crows nest he's sexily partially balding!! lol   also have you changed shampoos, have drier skin than norm? all else fails call the dr.

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Cherylann V.
on 3/27/08 1:44 pm
There are lymph nodes in your scalp as well as the rest of your body, and sometimes they swell.  A virus can do it, but I have gotten them when I also notice a break out of dandruff that is particularly bad.  Warm water in the shower, and selsun blue always makes mine feel better, and go away... (assuming of course that it is the same thing).
on 3/27/08 3:17 pm - County Line, MI
These are often fatty cysts and can kind of come and go. I have one now about the size of a dime and it is a little "sore" right now, but in a few days it will quit hurting and almost go away. Then it comes back again at some point. I have had these for years, but no big ones. Your Dr. can remove them if they get to be a problem. My Mom and my sister have both had one removed. -Wanda
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on 12/10/10 9:55 am
Hello Kristy,

Have the Dr. diagnosed your bump?
I have the same problem in two location of my scalp.
Last week I saw my dermatologist and he Prescribed DOXYCYCLINE HYCLATE 100 MG ORAL TAB. I will start the medication Tomorrow.