Just bought Biotin- 5000 mcg. at GNC... is this too high a dosage? Help with info or...

on 4/15/08 12:49 am
I just paid 30 bucks for 120 caps of biotin 5000... now home I read online there can be some serious side affects. I haven't opened the bottle yet, and don't know if this amount is too much.  The guy said it was a new product... that high a dose of biotin.  I was thinking 'the more-the better' but now having second thoughts:  I am going in for some PS, upper arm and some comsmetic face perks... that will be  in 9 days and don't need any extra issues.  I am losing hair fast.  I'm 3 months out  today. Any insight or experience will be appreciated.  Thanks.
on 4/15/08 1:00 am - Humboldt, TN
WHY? WalMart has 5000mg Biotin for about $6.  I have been taking it since my surgery a little over 8 months ago. NOTHING will stop the hair loss ....Biotin only helps promote regrowth.  Best Wshes to you!

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Paula K.
on 4/15/08 1:01 am - Mansfield, OH
You are about right at the point where hair starts to fall out. There is really nothing you can do about it at this point. Get your protein in and your vitamins. The biotin will help with the re-growth and will make your hair shafts become stronger. I take 5000 mcg/5mg every morning and my surgeon says that is fine. He usually recommends 3000 mcg/3mg. Good luck Paula
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on 4/15/08 1:02 am - Wood River, IL
Be prepared for hair to grow everywhere.  Legs, arms, face.
on 4/15/08 1:02 am - Hermon, NY
I get mine at walmart too...5000mcg once a day





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on 4/15/08 1:11 am - Hico, TX
Since you have not opened them yet , i would return them to GNC for a refund. That is a rip off at $30 for a bottle of 120. Walmart has the 5,000MG 120 tabs for $5.97 a bottle. I take one in the AM, and one in the PM. 10,000MG a day! My Surgeon, and PCP have said it is fine. ~Heather
on 4/15/08 1:27 am - Huntersville, NC
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Yep.. agree with everyone! Return them! Save yourself nearly $25! I got mine at Wal-Mart too. I take 5000 mcq 1x a day. Nut told me that was best. It's not going to prevent fall-out but it can't hurt.

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Jennifer K.
on 4/15/08 2:43 am - Charlotte, NC
Not sure where you read about serious side effects? Biotin is a water soluable suppliment - basically what you dont absorb you pee out - so if anything you are just giving yourself expensive pee. 5000 should be fine... over time you can decrease the dose and eventually stop (if you so choose).  Biotin wont help hairloss - only new hair growth... what you are losing now is from what happened already.

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Dave Chambers
on 4/15/08 2:50 am - Mira Loma, CA
RNY on 05/10/06 with
That is the only strength of Bioitin that I've heard of advertised anywhere.  Hair loss happens in some people, probably most, but not in some. You'll just have to wait and see. But the biotin will help, but not prevent hair loss. For PS surgery, I'd wait a while. My surgeon and a local plastic surgeon (who specializes in WLS patients) have said to wait at least 15-18 months or when your weight has been stable at least 3 months. Surgery too soon, and the extra weight loss past surgery may not give you the best results.

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on 4/15/08 7:07 pm, edited 4/15/08 7:10 pm - CORSICANA, TX
Take it back, that's too expensive, you can go to Walmart and buy it for just a few dollars, I think I take 2500 mgs, Biotin is a B vitamin, I was told what your body doesn't need you pee it out so I doubt if that's too much.


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