OT - left leg falling asleep????

on 5/10/08 2:03 pm - AR
My left leg has been falling asleep when I lay down very easily.  I could understand it if I was laying on my SIDE when this happens.  But many times, I'll be laying on my back or on my stomach.  The left leg is in the SAME POSITION as the right leg but only the left leg falls asleep.   Well, today it happened when I was standing.  I hadn't even quit moving for an extended period of time either.  Yet my left leg started falling asleep. Anyone else every have that happen?
on 5/10/08 2:06 pm - Harrison, ME
Are you crossing your legs now that you are able to??  I was and it caused the nerve that runs down the outside of my leg to get blocked.  I went through numerous tests and that was the finding.  I don't cross my legs and they are fine.  When I do cross them they start to go numb and I clue in real fast.


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on 5/10/08 2:10 pm - AR
Yes I have started crossing my legs.  And it IS always my left leg that gets thrown over my right.   But this wasn't happening when I was crossing my legs.  Was your leg going numb or falling asleep when you WEREN'T crossing them?  That is what is happening to me. 
J. M.
on 5/10/08 2:09 pm
I had numbness in my right outer thigh before surgery.  Havent had it since. Someone said that it was from the way the "panni" (lower stomach fat) lays on certain nerves. Must have been true becuase I havent had a problem since.

~ Jen   

on 5/10/08 2:12 pm - AR
My stomach doesn't hang down that far, but I definately have some skin issues.  Maybe part of the hanging skin is the trouble somewhere I just can't see or something? 
on 5/10/08 2:48 pm - Eagan, MN

As a diabetic, I would worry about neuropathy. I think tingling and that boogyman is always looming.


I wonder… how’s your circulation in that leg? If it persists for more than a day, I would go to the hospital and get it checked out.


on 5/11/08 6:20 am - AR
My circulation seems fine in that leg.  In fact, other than these sparadic tingling/numbness/falling asleep feeling in that leg, it is just as fit as the right!   It is not a matter of persisting more than a day.  This may only happen once today for 15 seconds or so, then may not happen again for a day or so, then may happen for 30 seconds or even a full minute if I'm laying in bed, then not happen again for another day or so.  It is not at ALL a constant thing - just comes and goes - mostly when I'm laying in bed, but once when I was standing up. 
Lady Bugg
on 5/10/08 2:50 pm - West Chester, OH
Numbness is a nerve thing. Maybe your weight loss is changing the way you stand or the way your muscles and nerves interect. I know at one point in my weight gain and the post-surgical weight loss, my back hurt for a while (like 2-3 weeks). It went away and didn't come back. I think my body was re-aligning itself and causing the temporary pain. Maybe yours is caused by the same thing.
on 5/11/08 6:17 am - AR
That's what I'm hoping.  I'm going to give it a couple of weeks, then call/email my surgeon (in case it is related to RNY) and/or go see my PCP. I did have lumps come up in my breasts a few months post-op that went away after about 2 weeks, so maybe this is the same kind of weirdness? 
Christi P.
on 5/10/08 5:01 pm - Mora, MN
RNY on 11/20/07 with
I was having numbness and tingling in my arms and hands, so I contacted my surgeon.  He sent me to a neurologist, who had me do some blood tests and an MRI.  Luckily for me, I will be fine with physical therapy.  It's just the nerve getting compressed due to raped changes in my body with rapid weight loss.  BUT, it could have been way worse.  I urge you to call your surgeons office and give them a detailed description of what is happening.  The reason my surgeon had me go to the neurologist was because we needed to find out if I had some demylonization (I'm sure I spelled that way wrong), which means that my body could have been "eating" the protective protein coating that covers the nerves.  this is a very bad thing that can lead to pernmanent nerve damage.  Treatment for this involves gaining weight, having a port put in that you hook a tube up to every night to feed electrolytes and such into you through IV, and other nastiness.  Like I said, thankfully, I got the lesser of the evils, and the numbness is virtually non-existant.  However, last week I suddenly developed numbness in the lower half of my left leg.  I had one of my co-workers, who is a physical therapist, look at it, and she feels that the numbness, and weakness that I didn't realize I had until she tested me, are probably caused by the same thing as the hand/arm thing was, so I am doing some therapy for that, too.  I've gotten used to having pain in random muscle groups for a few days or weeks at a time, but this numbness thing sucks.  You should check with a professional, though, just to make sure it's nothing serious.  

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