Flabby Arms... hide 'em or show 'em???

Laura B.
on 5/24/08 12:42 pm - RI
I am 7 months post op RNY and to-date I have lost a total of 167 lbs!!! I am happy to say that I have no skin issues except for my flabby arms. With the warmer weather coming I am having a hard time deciding whether I should buy short sleeve shirts and make the best of my bat wings or if I should focus on 3/4 sleeves and try my best to hide them...

I'm wondering what everyone else has done. How have you dealt with your bat wings? Do you hide 'em or show 'em???

on 5/24/08 12:46 pm - TX
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First of all.. WOW!  167 pounds in 7 months is amazing!  Congratulations!  Ya know, i live in west Texas and it's HOT HOT HOT!  I have always worn tank tops in the summer.  My arms are big but ... well, i'm big!  i think if you feel comfortable, then go for sleeveless! 
Kristie T.
on 5/24/08 12:46 pm - Hamilton, AL
I hate my bat wings but I do wear short sleeves, I don't wear the baby doll sleeve shirts but I'm having a brachioplasty friday and i'm very excited to be able  to wear sleeveless shirts.
on 5/24/08 12:48 pm - Portsmouth, OH
I don't have a choice, long sleeves don't fit...it's cap sleeves or tanks for me...all year round...good thing I live in Miami.

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on 5/24/08 12:49 pm - Redwood City, CA

Yowza Laura, you have lost a LOT of weight at 7 months!  Congratulations!  As for me, I carried a lot of weight in my upper arms; so not only do I have hangy batwings -- the skin on the front of my upper arms looks deflated, crepe-y and wrinkly.  I am fairly traumatized by them! I usually wear 3/4 length sleeves but found some t-shirts at Footlocker (4 for $19) and if I wear the large, they are fairly loose on me but the sleeves come down far enough to cover most of the flappity skin. I think my arms are worse than others I seen on here, so maybe if I can go with "longer" shortsleeves (a little above my elbow) -- you will be okay. :) Jas 

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April L.
on 5/24/08 12:50 pm - Edgewood, MD
I'm having the same problem.  I will wear sleeveless around the house, but it's 3/4 at work.  Just don't have the nerve to show it all off.  Still, my legs are the worst of it.  I'm scared to have them done.  I've heard too many horror stories on leg jobs! Congratulations on your weight loss.  I also have lost 167 pounds from my highest weight of 365.  I'm now 8 months post-op. Take care. 

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Christine D
on 5/24/08 12:52 pm - Mount Penn, PA
I have wings too.  I wear whatever I want, I just make sure to cover em if I am doing something where I don't want to be flapping around in public...like dancing.  Most of my friends don't notice them unless I raise my arms anyhow (so they tell me) and actually, I figure since the rest of my skin is hidden, I can live with the arms showing from time to time.

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on 5/24/08 1:04 pm - Phoenix, AZ
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3/4 length for this kid!  I didn't like my fat arms when I was fat and didn't show them off and for sure they aren't for public inspection now!  It probably gets back to hearing some little kid say, "mommy, look at that lady's fat arms".  I'm sick to death of such comments and will do anything to avoid them.   I actually want my ps on my arms more than my tummy!  I'm not through losing so it is still a bit in the future, but that's my 2 cents.
(deactivated member)
on 5/24/08 1:12 pm, edited 5/24/08 1:13 pm - Decatur, AL
oh i show 'em. the only thing i really have issues with are my upper inner thighs and my rear end and i even show those when i'm out walking (to an extent anyway.) the way i see it, at least i'm not the one who has to look at it!!!
on 5/24/08 1:30 pm - TX

My arms are really bad.  I thought for sure I would not be buying any shirts without sleves but I have bought several sleveless shirts already. They don't look as bad in them as I thought they would.  Like others said, people don't notice it unless you are waving your arms up in the air.  I would say try different shirts and buy what you like. 

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