how long out of work after gastric bypass-laproscopic

on 6/12/08 1:15 pm - NY
Just wondering out there how long it took everyone to get back to work?  My coworker is going through chemo for breast cancer and my boss is giving me somewhat of a difficult time about taking time for my "elective" procedure.  I don't do anything strenuous at my job mostly office work.  Just looking for some opinions and also if anyone had a simular situation and got there doctor to say it was a "medically necessary procedure"  as my boss has the descretion to give me the time off or not if it is an elective surgery and not a medical necessity?
on 6/12/08 1:24 pm - gloucester county, NJ
If I had an office job 3 weeks would have been fine.  I have a physical job and I went back after 5 weeks...

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on 6/12/08 2:10 pm - Gary, IN
I was back in 3 weeks.  I am an accountant.  The doctor just gave me a note for work not to do any heavy lifting.  As I only move paper around and tap a keyboard all day, it was no big deal. 

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Amber Baay
on 6/12/08 4:32 pm
I am a Medical Assisting Instrctor and I retrned to work exactly 2 weeks after my RNY. I was fine, jst a little tired I think becase of the no caffine thing. I am now at 4 weeks and I am feeling a lot better. Amber

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on 6/12/08 9:09 pm - Chapin, SC
I was on schedule to return to my office job after 2 weeks ( and I had planned to work from home an extra third week because I had heard how tiring it is and I have a 41 mile commute 1 way).... but... the Saturday before I was to return to work - I was admitted to the hospital for an infection..... sooooo.  Just don't pu**** and realize that a complication can occur at any time and slow your recovery down.  I made sure that my bosses understood that this was MAJOR surgery and that complications could occur.    I also had a long LONG conversation with my boss and explained to him the dangers I was facing if I didn't have the GB surgery.  I am sorry that the lady in your office has cancer.... i really am.... and I don't wish that on anyone....but your health is just as important.  Hopefully yours will go without a hitch, but always be prepared in case it doesn't.  I wish you well!
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on 6/12/08 9:49 pm, edited 6/12/08 9:57 pm - Vancouver, WA

I was out 2 weeks and felt fine about going back. I work in maintenance at a hospital so my job is fairly active and I was fine. I just took it real easy and didn't do anything stupid. I also did not tell my boss I was having surgery, I just took vacation time. I felt it was none of thier buisness what I was doing and I didnt want thier restrictions put on me based on my job description. But every one is different and I had no complications to keep me from working. mike.

Beverly B.
on 6/12/08 10:41 pm - Wrightstown, NJ
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I had surgery on a Monday and returned to work the following Monday (1 week) I have an office job and other then being alittle tired in the afternoon I was completely fine.

Good Luck with your surgery

on 6/12/08 11:08 pm - Burlington, KY
I have a desk job, had no complications, and I went back after 2 weeks.  I probably could've gone back after 1 week, but I really appreciated the extra week at home to adjust to my body's new way of eating/ drinking/ meeting protein and fluid needs after surgery. Good luck to you!

Hugs and Smiles,  Apryl :)

on 6/12/08 11:51 pm - Seymour, CT
i have an office job..I had surgery on a Wednesday..went home from hospital next day and back at work the following Monday...I felt just fine by that weekend. Everyone is different and it really depends on your pain threshold..I know alot of people who say "weeks" out of work..hell no - not for me..I couldn't wait to get back to work and financially it was  a necessity.  Good Luck!

on 6/13/08 12:12 am - Montclair , NJ
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Your need to check with a labor lawyer, your boss making judgements and comments like that is discriminatory...  They have NO RIGHT, to even say the word elective. Theyre not a doctor, Im sure.  Furthermore, why even need to tell them exactly what youre going in for? That was your mistake #1, youre not suppose to discuss health issues with an employeer...EVER!