Excessive bruising & muscle cramping

on 6/14/08 3:54 pm - Livermore, CA
I  am having two sererate issuse that may be related.  I am 2 1/2 years out from my RNY.  I have been buising like crazy on my forearms.   Last night I had both thumbs go into spasms at the same time,  they constricted and locked down, very wierd,  I had a margarita and I am wondering if alcohol leaches magnesiam.  Any ideas, thanks J_Marie
on 6/14/08 4:13 pm - County Line, MI
You need to get your vitamin levels checked. I can't remember which one it is, but if you are low on certain vitamins you will bruise easily. It can also cause muscle spasms. Nothing to do with alchohol, I don't think. Get calcium and magnesium levels checked too. -Wanda
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on 6/14/08 4:32 pm - OR
I would agree with the comment above. Get your levels checked. My mom had bruising really bad too a couple years after her WLS and she was really off on her levels. Since getting back on track with everything she has no bruising anymore! So I would get your levels checked! Good luck to you!
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on 6/14/08 5:13 pm - Fort Carson, CO
Dehydration from the alcohol may be the cause of the cramping or low potassium.  Vitamin C deficiency can be the cause of the bruising or low iron.  You definitely need to get it checked.
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on 6/15/08 1:47 am
Low Vitamin K can cause excessive bruising, and low potassium can cause cramping. I don't think the alcohol has anything to do with it, unles you're recently been on a bender. (*grin*)
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on 6/15/08 4:27 am, edited 6/15/08 4:28 am

I agree with the others, get your labs done!! I had a lot of bruising as well. I had my PCP check all my fat-soluble levels. A,D,E,K and all iron levels, including your ferritin level. And low and behold, at almost 4 years out, I had depleted almost all of these levels in my body. Even with taking my vits faithfully! It was just not enough in my bariatric multiple.  In addition, I now take DRY forms of A,D,E,K and a good iron. All bruising, tiredness, muscle cramps and spasms went away.   By the way, I also take 1500mg of calcium and other minerals every day. I also eat a banana or take potassium every day too. Deficiency in any of these can cause BAD muscle cramps!  Hope this helps!