can we digest pills in GEL TAB form?

Michelle S.
on 6/15/08 1:25 am - North Jersey, NJ
RNY on 02/25/08 with
I had the RNY & I thought that our stomachs now cannot digest gel tab pills, yet my doc gave me a prescription for vitamin D & the pharmacist told me it only comes in GEL TAB form.  I told her I cannot digest it due to having gastric bypass surgery so she said she was going to call my doc to get his input (this was friday afternoon).   I just got a call back from the CVS pharmasist - the doc told her it was ok for me to take the pills in GEL TAB form.

I put a call into my doc - but I know I wont get a response from his office until tomorrow. I'm confused....can we digest GEL TAB pills or not?


   Lilypie - (HPu4)
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on 6/15/08 1:43 am - New Castle, PA
My PCP does this all the time to me gives me pills that are way to huge for us to be able to take he wont follow the rules my GP doc gave me and I cannot travel to Pittsburgh monthly so I take the pill and sip on a hot cup of coffee or tea depending what your doc allows you to have mine gave the okay for coffee at my 3 month check up.. It melts the pills so you do not have pain in it .. I do this with any pill i take now ..I fount any type of pill bounces around causing pain there so sip on something hot till it desolves ..

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Michelle S.
on 6/15/08 1:50 am - North Jersey, NJ
RNY on 02/25/08 with
Thanks for the suggestion, but I still am confused why my bariatric surgeon told the pharmacist it's ok for me to take GEL tabs. No instructions on how to take - just "its ok to take".  I can understand that your PCP doesnt pay attention - but a bariatric surgeon making an exception doesnt really make any sense to me.


   Lilypie - (HPu4)
on 6/15/08 1:59 am - Eugene, OR
The gel on those tablets disappears very quickly, even in your tiny pouch.  You should be just fine. Linda

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Michelle S.
on 6/15/08 2:14 am - North Jersey, NJ
RNY on 02/25/08 with
Hi Linda - sorry to sound skeptical...but have you tried gel tabs since your surgery?  I clearly remember that my surgeon told me that I cant take tylenol gel tabs anymore cuz the way we RNY'rs have been re-routed, we dont have the same amt of acid in our stomachs to disolve the gel tabs.  


   Lilypie - (HPu4)
on 6/15/08 3:18 am - Eugene, OR
I haven't had any problems with any sort of meds since surgery.  Even if you can't digest it all in your pouch, the rest of your stomach acid is added back in a bit further down the pike, in your small intestine where things are absorbed anyway.  Yes, you may miss some of the benefit of the medicine, but you will most likely absorb most of it.  Meds are a bit different than food in the digestion/absorption process.   Linda

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on 6/15/08 2:19 am
Hey Michelle. From all that I've read, you are not likely to be able to absorb the gel tabs well at all.   If what you were prescribed was the 50,000 IU Vitamin D, I believe that you can get a "dry" form of this from I haven't ordered from there, myself.  I take dry Vitamin d3 that I buy at Walmart... you can get 400 IU and 1000 IU pills there. Hope this helps a bit. ~wendy

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on 6/15/08 3:26 am - Eugene, OR
Just Googled WLS and gel tabs.  Here is a blurb from an interview with Dr. Terry Simpson (WL surgeon associated with OH):

Is it OK to be taking jel tab vitamins post op? Does the pouch have the acid to break them down?

gel tabs are just fine, there is acid which is produced in the pouch, and there are some vitamins which are gel tabs which are...

long term post op that is

specifically formulated for Bariatric patients...

so, those would be just fine. Pneumonia can be a problem, which is another reason to get out of bed and walk, so you expand those lungs.

I like gel caps, get tired of Flintstones.

the the bambam ones are GRAPE flavor

i love fred

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on 6/15/08 4:14 am
RNY on 05/14/08 with

I take the gel tabs (Vit D) that my doctor prescribed with no probs at all. I also take Vita4Life which come in gel capsules and both digest with no probs. I think maybe it depends on the vitamin/medicine as far as what KIND of gel? Dunno. But the Vit Ds are good!

Michelle S.
on 6/15/08 4:28 am - North Jersey, NJ
RNY on 02/25/08 with
thanks all - I appreciate your input!  I'll try the prescription for now (when I speak to my doc on Monday I'm still gonna question him why it's ok to take Vitamin D in gel tab form, but not tylenol).


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