Can you eat cereal after gastric bypass?

on 6/19/08 2:02 am - danville, VA
Hello everyone.Hope all is weel. I have a question. I am getting sick of eating oatmeal every morning for breakfast. I can't really eat boiled eggs anymore.They don't go down to well. Is there anyone on the message boards who is eating cereal? And if so what kind? Pleae help need breaksfast options.
on 6/19/08 2:04 am
I scramble an egg w/some salsa and top it with Monteray Jack cheese!!!! I also eat cherios...i try to stay away from things like cap crunch, etc. But cereal makes me feel heavy  almost lethargic so i dont eat it much!
on 6/19/08 2:06 am - MA
Im 9mths out and any cereal doesnt agree with me! It truly depends!
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on 6/19/08 2:06 am - other, NY
I had my RNY last July and I remember eating nothing but oatmeal and cream of wheat for a very long time.  After several months I was able to start eating Special K again.  Just stay away from all that sugar cearal.  Good luck.  Tracy
on 6/19/08 2:08 am - CA
I am ready for cereal yet, but there are some people that do.  I have heard that Kashi High Protein s great and with the milk delivers more than 20gms of protein...
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on 6/19/08 2:08 am - Eagan, MN
Kashi GoLean Crunch! It makes me go MMMM in the pouch region!
on 6/19/08 2:30 am - BRISTOL, CT
Hi there, Isn't this high in carbs though? I use the special K protein cereal and was looking for something similar for variety, but i'm pretty sure it's alot higher in the carbs area. Do you know for sure?? Any imput would be appreciated. Thanks, Stacie
on 6/21/08 7:35 am - NJ

I eat Special K Protein plus with Skim Milk Plus which is approximately 20 grams of protein.  With a protein serving this high the carbs are worth it - in my opinion.

on 6/19/08 2:11 am - Swiftwater, PA
All Bran with Sugar Free, Fat Free Yogurt.... Kashi Go Lean with Sugar Free, Fat Free Yogurt.... I started these cereals after my 30 day followup with my doctor.....
on 6/19/08 2:15 am - Chelsea, MA
RNY on 02/04/08 with
Hi, I'm a little over 5 months out. I eat cereal everyday. I either have the new special K protein cereal (10 grams protein), with 2% smart milk and 1/2 banana. Or the newest Kashi cereal that has 13 grams of protein per serving. Milk, 1/2 banana. I have been eating that for over a month every morning. On the weekends I make a two egg omelette with cheese. Sometimes some salsa on it. I can't drink regular milk, it's too heavy so is 2 %.  Hope that helped.  Good Luck, Diane

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