Is there a size difference between XL and 1X?

on 7/2/08 3:38 am - Portland, OR
I'm right on the edge of the extended sizes department and am wondering if a 1X is the same size or larger than a regular XL?  I will love being able to shop in the regular sizes.....
on 7/2/08 3:45 am - County Line, MI
The 1X is a little bigger, just like a 16W is bigger than a 16 misses. I am just passing through that same size area, although I am pretty much into regular sizes now. Try the regular sizes, some of them will fit you. I just bought a dress for a wedding in a misses 16-I was thrilled! -Wanda
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on 7/2/08 3:46 am - MI
1x is bigger then an XL.  I just crossed the line myself.  Depends on where you shop I guess.  I just got a t shirt at goardmans that is a 2X and snug from their junior dept and also an xl they fit the same.  Odd.  Try some XL's from the regular sizes.
Susan S.
on 7/2/08 4:10 am - Roselle, NJ
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A 1x will be cut larger in the boobs - - as I learned when I cruised through those sizes. Since I had not too much to begin with - I was able to wear XLs - as the 1xs were too big in the boobs since I lost my weight there first. Susan
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on 7/2/08 5:11 am
ok so what is the difference between xl, xxl then 1x..  because I don't think xxl are quite 1x also and maybe its in the boob a rea again.   I was at target and the cherokee xxl's fit me great but misimo (sp?) are tight.. 1x is a little to loose.  then I go to kohls and buy a pxl with no problems fits great.. and at macy's i'm an xl BTW Susan I enjoy reading your posts .. they are so informative..  I don't post many questions but I read many and will reply occasionally (more the past few days) .. but you along with a few others will always pull me in because I know I'll learn something.. Thank you for that. Maria
on 7/2/08 4:14 am - MI
Glad you asked.  I'm at that point myself (with tops anyway) and was wondering the same thing.  I just wish the weight came off the bottom half of me at the same speed it flew off the top of me!
on 7/2/08 4:18 am - Portland, OR

yes - it's interesting how we all lose differently and are different weights in the same sizes - bodies are like snowflakes!

my biggest problem right now is my boobs - they hang so lowly that the empire waist tops that I love don't fit right.  I never thought I would consider plastics but seriously, they are deflated balloons that are pointing straight down now - very pitiful!

on 7/2/08 5:43 am - LaGrange, KY
I had the same problem and thought that I was hopeless. I went to JC pennys and some do bra fitting and help you find the right bra. My sister told me bout this because lets just say my boobs weren't where they shoulda been LOL. Anyways I have find the right bras for me and it doesn't look so bad when I have them on, in fact it looks like I have boobs again (of course most of its skin though). :) You may check it out. :)
on 7/2/08 6:11 am
I have a friend who had RNY 4 years ago and when I told her I shrunk outta my bra she said not to bother buying another one yet as I will just keep shrinking. I have decided not to wait. I deserve a bra that will hold these sagging girls up while I am loosing weight. I don't like the pictures of me in my cheap bras that do not have the support these girls need. Saturday, my hubby said he is taking me to Billings, MT where they have a place that will fit me for a bra and have the bigger sizes, although my size is shrinking!! I can't wait. I don't like to see them hanging around my waistline. Looks gross and flumpy. (I don't know what that word is, I just made it up. Sounds right though.
(deactivated member)
on 7/2/08 6:19 am - River Falls, WI

It's the cut of the clothing. Overall chest, waist, hips measurements may be the same/similar but the arm syce and crotch and often the neckline are cut bigger/longer.  HOWEVER, manufaturers do not share a common sizing format, so don't worry about sizes so much as FIT. Fit is critical,hang the sizes. I have everything from an 8 to a 16 in my closet and it all fits.


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